Ask XY: Getting Steamy in the Shower

Ask XY

Sex in the shower. Super hot or too difficult?

Mr. U – Depends on the flexibility of both partners, but it sure is fun when it’s done well. Basically, any woman who’s soaking wet is super hot. Take that as you will.

Mr. V – Great in the planning stages, awkward in the wrong shower/bath setup. If you have a seating area in your shower, you may be in business. Also, those bars on the walls of handicap showers aren’t just for the wheelchair bound/elderly.

Mr. W – It’s fantastic.

Mr. X – Super hot and water efficient, so double sexy

Mr. Y – I’m not the worlds biggest fan.  Showering together is cool, but sex tends to cause me to knock stuff all over.  I’m a bigger guy, so it’s sort of a fallout zone kind of situation in the heat of the moment.  Fortunately most showers I’ve used have been connected to homes with beds, that usually solves the issue. Super hot and water efficient, so double sexy

Mr. Z – Obviously soaking wet ladies are hot, but the shower is slippery.  You do need traction to get a good rhythm going.  Don’t even talk to me about satin sheets!


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