Ask XY: Namesake

Ask XY

Do men think of names for their future children?
Do you have any picked out already?

Mr. U – I have definitely thought about names.  Usually in a way that sounds good with my unusual last name.  Although lately it seems with friends and families having babies they are stealing all the good ones!

Mr. V – Optimus Prime.  Everyone thinks I’m kidding, but you’re all going to feel really stupid when my kid turns into a truck on the playground.

Mr. W – I can’t speak for other guys, but my first son will be Ulysses Abraham and the second son will be named Theodore Franklin. Girls are a bit tougher and since I’m pretty dead set on these being the boys names, I’ll probably leave that up to the missus (or missuses [missii?] I can’t be 100% sure I will only have one baby-momma). Tiger.

Mr. X – I want my son’s middle name to be the same as mine. It’s my mom’s maiden name. My grandfather had no sons or nephews, so I am currently the last man carrying on that family name from 3 generations of direct ancestors.

Mr. Y – I know I have. Mainly the kind of names that would be actually horrible, but make the child strive and become stronger through life. Just kidding; but “Wolfgang” does have a nice ring to it…

Mr. Z – Actually, yes.  My dad’s father, William Mark, died of lung cancer before I was born, so I never got to meet him.  So, if I have a son, he’ll be William, so then I can finally meet him.


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