5 Steps on How to NOT Ruin Shows for Everyone Else

Just like the rest of America, I was so pumped about the mid-season finale of The Walking Dead. Unfortunately due to scheduling conflicts I was unable to watch immediately when it aired. (Thank you DVR lords)

I decided to jump on Facebook pre-episode watching when I was met with not ONE, not TWO, but MULTIPLE spoilers about tonight’s episode. Let me be blunt – all you people who love to vent your every emotion on Facebook need to #shutup when it comes to TV and Film. It’s okay to put a little something.

For Example “OMG WALKING DEAD!!!” 

Obviously something epic is going to happen. It’s the Mid-Season Finale for crying out loud. Duh. We wouldn’t get upset at that status.

Instead I was met with “SO sad because x, y, and z happened! Now I have to wait until February!!!” Yes and now, not only me, but your other Facebook pals want to punch you in your little like button.

Instead of being a jerk and spoiling it for everyone else, my boyfriend and I have created 5 easy steps for you to watch your show and get all of your emotions off your chest before jumping on Facebook/Twitter/Tumblr/Google+/Pinterest… so you don’t ruin it for everyone else.

5 Steps

Watch the show with a group of people… express all of your feeling regarding what happened with them. They are real people right in front of you! And if they get annoyed with your constant rambling and tendency to stat the obvious chances are, your friend 4 states away is feeling the same way. IF NOT WORSE because they are in a different time zone…

Tell your cat or dog. They don’t care nor are they going to go on their social media profiles you’ve made for them and ruin it for us.

Instead, why not post another picture of your child or pet. Look, we get it. You have the, like, cutest kid ever.  I’m way more excepting of scrolling past another video of the fruit of your loons blowing a snot bubble then I am seeing what happened to characters that I have been getting to know for more than four months.

Write a letter to the characters of the show. Relate with them, talk with them, tell them how upset you are because of what happened to them. Tell them how upset you are that you have to wait for months… tell them via a letter. A handwritten letter. Then burn it.

Call your mother. She will listen and even if you ruin it for her she will eventually forgive you because she has to. You are her child.

Titanic, everyone knew the boat sank… everything else #shutup.

We would rather watch the show than get live updates from you…

Mike & Kyla

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2 Comments on “5 Steps on How to NOT Ruin Shows for Everyone Else”

  1. December 1, 2013 at 11:02 pm #

    I remember seeing “The Patriot” (I think I just hinted at my age) and when I arrived at work the following day, a coworker asked me what happened at the end of the movie. My answer? “We won the war.” I figured admitting the United States won the Revolutionary War wasn’t a spoiler… hopefully, he’d made it out of high school learning at least *that* much. And if you haven’t seen the film, this shouldn’t be news to you either. For everything else, well, you’ll have to watch it yourself!

    All that to say, I find I avoid FB during the Olympics, mid-season finales, season/series finales, awards shows, and other sporting events. I almost never watch anything live anymore because the joys of forwarding through commercials are unmatched. Your PSA is still very much appreciated!


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