Ask XY: Mengagement Rings

Ask XY

Engagement Rings. It’s traditional for only women to wear them, but jewelers make them for men, too.
Would You Consider Getting One?

Mr. V – Absolutely not.

Mr. W – I personally don’t think an engagement ring would be necessary for me to wear. It’s not like I’m putting off wearing a ring until I’m “locked in,” but I’m not a big jewelry wearer to begin with, so the idea of having an engagement ring AND eventually a wedding ring seems unnecessary for my purposes. Also, it’s one less expense on the road to a very pricey celebration (if you don’t end up getting married by some Elvis impersonator in Vegas). I’m all for equalization of the sexes, but I’d be even more for women realizing that the ring may not be needed at all for you to love someone enough to want to spend the rest of your life with them. “But it’s so shiny….”

Mr. X – Both are silly… a tradition that lives for the sake of an industry’s profit.  Also, I’m not Snoop Dog or an evil Russian.  I don’t need more than one ring.

Mr. Y – I think engagement rings for men are a way for big jewelry corporations to make extra money. Also, who would buy the male engagement ring? Would I buy a ring for her and then for myself and then at the proposal just be like “oh and I bought myself a ring as well, and the wedding will have to be a long time in the future because I spent all my money on rings”, is that what you want?!

Mr. Z – Since the whole concept of wedding rings is tradition-based, it doesn’t seem like something I would ever get.  How would that even work?  Would my fiancee get down on one knee and give it to me?  Would we exchange them at the same time?  CHAOS!  Next you’ll tell me people of the same gender will want to get married!


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