How To: Origami Flowers

flowers 021-1

This is a kusudama flower composed of six simple parts.

First cut out six squares of paper, 6”x6”.  If you have a fabulous paper-cutter, use that.  If you don’t have one, buy one, because they’re awesome.  You can use any paper you want, including atlas pages, sheet music, children’s books, scrapbook paper, etc.  If you don’t have a paper cutter, that’s ok.  Measure and do your best.

flowers 014

Here are my six squares, cut out of sheet music.

flowers 009

First fold the paper in half this way.

flowers 010

Then fold each corner upwards towards the top.

flowers 001

Then fold each side back across like this.

flowers 002

Open it up and flatten.

flowers 003

Like so.

flowers 004

Fold down the top angles like this.

flowers 005

Then fold everything back together.

flowers 006

Glue the edges together…

flowers 007

Like this.

flowers 008

When you have six pieces…

flowers 011

Glue the petals together on the edges.

flowers 015

I suggest using Aleene’s tacky glue, found in craft stores.  It’s thicker than your standard white glue, and dries faster and sturdier.  However, if you don’t have it, Elmer’s will work.

flowers 012

Glue them so they fit together like this.  Glue together five petals and set the sixth one aside, leaving a space for it.

flowers 016

For the stem, use a pipe cleaner wrapped around a floral stem (found at craft stores).  Then wrap floral tape around both pieces.

flowers 017

Glue the finished stem into the center of the flower, then glue in the sixth petal.

flowers 018

Finish with gluing a button to the center.

You can also drop essential oils down the center before you glue the button in and your flower will smell wonderful!

Happy Crafting!


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