Passion, Pure Romance, Taboo. June’s OAM Event!

A lot of girls our age have been to one of these gatherings before. Whether you called it a passion party or pure romance party, it all ended up the same way: giggling over sex toys! Some of you out there must have predicted this would be one of our events, and you were right! For the month of June we had ourselves a little Taboo Party complete with vibrators, nipple clamps, and lubricants galore!

Taboo party emily and francine

First things first, people need to get loose. Translation: Alcohol.

As everyone walked in the door, they needed to fill out a sexual sounding name tag and, of course, take a shot! You had two choices, slippery nipple or blow job shot. The smarter attendees went with the slippery nipple, but some of us felt the need to get a little cream on our faces…

For those of you who don’t know, here’s what a blow job shot is all about:

1/4 oz. Bailey’s Irish cream
1/2 oz. Amaretto liqueur
Top with whipped cream (or the clotted cream I made for our Tea Party!)

But the fun part comes when you have to drink it! The most important part about drinking a blow job shot is that you can’t use your hands. Mouths only for this party!

Taboo party bj shots

Once everyone gets a little comfortable, we pass around even MORE social lubricants! The rest of the night was spent drinking Sex on the Beach and Hot & Bothered Margaritas! Cuz nothing gets you talking about your sex life more than a little chemically-induced inhibition. But don’t worry, we had little (cocktail) weinies to soak it up!

Taboo party game

Taboo party becca & jen

The next several hours were spent watching Jen give demonstrations of various sex toys, smelling and/or licking all sorts of slippery liquids, and passing around vibrators, all interspersed with wonderfully raunchy topics from masturbation to sex in public places. Applying pheromones to yourself and then seeing how you and everyone else smells is a fun little game too! Some of us were more floral and some smelled like baby powder!

taboo party demo

For hosting the party, Tosha, Ali, and Bryce all received a boudoir photo session, which you’re likely to hear about in the future, so look forward to THAT post!

If you live in the LA area and want to host a Taboo Party, go to to book a party
Or to check out their fun products, go to the Taboo Essentials Store!

Ali, Bryce, & Tosha!

Fox & Hounds, Bryce Tosha Ali

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