Summer Beauty Tips from The Princess

It’s finally here! Warm weather! Let’s take a moment to do a happy dance…


…Okay, we’re back. So, now that the temps are inching up higher and higher, I thought it might be a good time to dish some of my favorite summer beauty tips – some old (previous posts) and new. As you know, I am “The Princess” because of my pageant background and my love for all things girly! Make-up, jewelry, clothes…bring it on!

1. I am going to kick it off with the most important and hopefully most obvious thing – SPF.

You better believe that all four of us were wearing sunscreen when the above photo was taken. Living in Los Angeles, I apply sunscreen every morning when I get out of the shower. Don’t forget your ears! And if you’re going to be outside for a long time, remember to reapply. Now, I am not the best at that. Unfortunately, I got sun burned on the back of my neck this past weekend at a Relay for Life event. If you break out easily on your face, try specially formulated sunscreen for your face. I like to use Coola’s Organic Cucumber Matte Finish SPF 30:

What’s great about this product is that it doesn’t leave you with that annoying “hey, I just used sunscreen” sheen. I already fight oily skin, so I don’t need a sunscreen that contributes to that.

2. But Also Get a Tan! If you want sun kissed without the sun damage then here are some options:

  • For a quick and temporary faux glow, try using Sally Hansen’s Airbrush Legs. What’s great about this product is that it give yous the instant color you’re looking for, but it also covers any of those fugly vericose veins.
  • Try self tanner. This works for many people, but others – like myself – have a little bit of trouble with the self application. I usually gets streaks. I have tried several different formulas, but still have issues. However, my friends say they really like the gel formulas, like L-Oreal Sublime Bronze Self-Tanning Gel.
  • Dole out some cash for a spray tan, either in a booth – like Mystic Tan – or an airbrush spray tan applied by a person at a salon.

3. Try to give your hair a break! It’s summa-summa tiiiiiiiime. Rock the tousled waves you may have naturally. Try washing your hair at night, twisting it into a bun, and sleep on it. When you wake up, shake out your hair and viola! Beautiful beach waves.

Or just go for an amped up ponytail. Tease the heck out of your hair for some volume and throw a hair band on it. (For teasing tips – click here)

Summer Pony

Look at my hot friend/co-worker rock this messy pony that she “just threw up” with an elastic…and she looks like a freakin’ model. 

Screen Shot 2013-06-02 at 10.19.30 PM

If you need more styles, then check out’s list of 10 Blow Dryer-Free Hair Styles.

If you are a slave to your blow dryer (I am a slight addict) and have caused damage to your hair, then click here for some tips by one of our contributing bloggers, Andrea Boehlke.

4. Get a signature summer fragrance. I am loving Kai Perfume Oil by Gaye Straza. I have a small bottle with a roll-on applicator which is great to toss in the purse. It has hints of gardenia. Remember, you don’t need a lot when it’s hot outside. If you apply directly on skin before dressing, it will release more scent as your body heats up.


5. Get things in order “down there” so you’re ready for that itty bitty bikini! Of course, you can always go the old razor route. But if you’re like me – you then have to battle razor bumps. I recommend getting lasered, baby! Click here for a post about my experience getting zapped below the belt. I have been getting laser hair removal on my legs, too. Click here for that story.

6. Get some fun, summer shades! Like Kyla’s! I probably have about six pairs in my car right now. I never pay that much for my sunglasses because I am notorious for scratching the lenses or losing them. I have a pair of aviators in both silver and gold frames. Those are my usual go-to sunglasses. But if I am heading to the beach – I like to keep it fun!


7. Get a rockin’ sun hat!

Our friend, Dana, has the right idea. Work it gurrrrl.

Dana Sun Hat

8. Maxi Skirts. Maxi Dress. Anything Maxi goes.

You can’t get more girly, summery, comfortable, yet pretty like you can with a maxi. They’re pretty much a can’t miss clothing essential. Wear them with wedges or gladiator sandals and you’re golden.

Have a happy summer,



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