I Walked Away From The Best Sex I Ever Had

I Walked Away From The Best Sex I Ever Had.

I walked away from the best sex I have ever had. Granted, I have really only slept with two people. Maybe we should start from the first.

I waited twenty-three years and nine months till the first time I had sex. My body was ragging with hormones. I have never masturbated because well, I don’t even know how. Touching myself alone just makes me feel even more lonely and pathetic.

When I finally had sex for the first time I was in love. It was a young love type of sex even though I was not so young. He was my first love so it was tender and sweet. I thought I was in utter bliss because there was so much love involved in it. I had nothing really to compare him to so I thought he was the shit.

I can’t determine whether my body really enjoys sex because I have forbidden it from have any kind of enjoyment for so long, or if I really did hit the jackpot.

The second guy I slept with was undeniably the best sex I have ever had. I felt like I was his sex slave in the best possible way. We are talking multiple orgasms in one session and then three other sessions immediately following. This man could go for hours, to the point where I thought I may even pass out from the glory of it all. A lot of the times I was too weak to walk after. I have even collapsed during shower sex…It’s painful, but I would do it again.

On the kitchen counter, the dinner table, the storage unit, the wall, the couch and the floor…. Oh God the floor. I’ve had rug burns on my knees and back for weeks and each one of those open wounds were 100% worth it. I honestly do not know what I would do without Neosporen.

This person was not my boyfriend, nor did he want to be my boyfriend. There comes a point in a relationship where a good lay just isn’t enough. When you least expect it your self-respect and dignity kicks in…whether you want it to or not.

I no longer wanted to sleep with someone that didn’t want to be my boyfriend. Even though my libido is very angry with me, my heart is not. If I were to continue this sexcapade my heart would have gotten more involved. Lord knows it was definitely falling in love with a particular part of him. Wink*

My heart has been hurt before and I need to protect her dearly. Sex with him I will never regret or forget, however my heart had to walk away. I just pray to God he leads me to some man that can please me the same way. If not…I may have to watch a ‘how to’ video on masturbation.

Fingers crossed.

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