Mother’s Day Without Mom

Mother’s Day for me now is a different experience.  I am a notoriously bad planner, so I no longer scramble for presents.  I like my Saturday nights out on the town.  I no longer wake up late and in a panic.  My Mom died in August of 2009 of diffuse peritoneal carcinomatosis.  I suppose a lot of people would think that Mother’s Day would be sad for me.  I guess it is a little bit, but not necessarily any more sad than any other day.    It is just another day.  Every day, I miss my mom.

Re-reading what I just wrote, I realize I may come off like I’m looking for pity.  That’s not the case.  I have a wonderful life with many people who love me very much, who I am also lucky enough to be able to love.  These are merely my musings on Mother’s day.  
Ben's Mom 
I am constantly grateful for the impact my wonderful Mother had in my life.  Almost every single day I encounter a situation that my Mom had already given me advice for.  I think of her and smile; although she died before her time, she was still able to have an immutable impact on many lives, including mine.  
So I suppose that most days are now Mother’s Day for me in a little way.  If I get sad about that fact that she is gone, I have the opportunity to remember some of the many amazing things that my Mom gave me and celebrate her in all of those little ways.
Ben is a 28 year old teacher of 8th grade science who lives in Richfield, MN.  Rugby is a passion of his.  He no longer plays, but is now beginning his coaching career.  He also loves to brew beer.
“My Mom would always be on us about our grammar and one of my favorite ones was (in a shrill British voice), ‘Roasts are done, people are finished.”

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