Lady Confessions: I’m On My Period.

When on your period, do you try to be discreet about it or do you not care who knows?

I didn’t have my period for a while because I was on a very high form of birth control, so I haven’t really experienced my period while in a work setting. But in the past, if I’m around female friends my age, I don’t tend to be discreet, especially if I have to find the nearest restroom so I don’t leak through my pants. All girls go through it, so why be ashamed? If I’m with anyone else, I try to be “lady-like” and not even mention it. 

– – –

Eh, I don’t tell the world, but I’m not afraid to ask someone for a tampon. No one really needs to know except your boyfriend if he’s trying to get it on.

– – – 

It’s nice to say “I’m being a bitch because I’m gushing blood from my vagina” or “It feels like someone is stabbing my uterus” but most times I keep it to myself. And by myself I mean I tell my boyfriend and complain constantly.

– – –

I try to be discreet. I don’t really know why. It happens to 50% of the population every single month, so we women should NOT be embarrassed by it and yet we are. I’m starting to be more open about it with my man, but it’s usually something like “I feel bloated.” Nothing graphic.

– – –

I’m more discreet than anything else. If I’m with good friends, then I don’t care at all, but if I’m at the office or something – I’m definitely the girl that tried to hide the tampon in my sleeve or pants pocket so people don’t see me take it to the bathroom.

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2 Comments on “Lady Confessions: I’m On My Period.”

  1. May 6, 2013 at 8:35 pm #

    This seems like the right place to share: I was working non-stop and on back-to-back conference calls last Thursday. It was a heavy flow day. I had to squeeze a lot in before going to visit a client in the afternoon. I was about to bleed through and couldn’t get away. I was wearing a dress and I changed my tampon at my desk.

    I’ve been wanting to brag about that, which should answer your question. I know no shame.

    • May 10, 2013 at 5:02 pm #

      Ha! At your desk?! You are a brave brave woman! Bragging rights indeed!

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