A look back: Tosha’s Daenerys Targaryen Costume

I know I can speak for all the OAM ladies when I say we are all HUGE fans of HBO’s Game of Thrones. Bryce wrote an awesome breakdown of the women of Game of Thrones, garnering some of the most views on OnceaMonth. One of the women she writes about is my favorite character on the show, Daenerys Targaryen and this past Halloween was a perfect time to show that. So, taking a walk down old post lane, I present to you – again –  “Tosha’s Halloween Costume: Daenerys Targaryen”. (Original Post: October 2012)


This Halloween I decided to keep with my HBO theme (last year I went as Sookie from True Blood. Fang bites, Merlotte’s shirt, and I even drew in a black gap in my teeth!) 

I am a HUGE Game of Thrones fan. I have seen every episode (some multiple times) and i’m well into the second book in the series. One of my favorite characters in the show is Daenerys Targaryen, aka Khaleesi, aka Dany, aka Daenerys Stormborn, aka MOTHER OF DRAGONS.

Spoiler alerts ahead …

When you think of Daenerys you immediately think of her white/blonde hair and purple eyes, her Dothraki wardrobe, her boobs (hey, you see them A LOT), and her eating a horse’s heart. However, the most defining moment for Dany happens in the last episode of the first season. While carrying her three dragon eggs, she walks into a fire. All of her followers are left to believe she is dead. Makes sense. But no, in the last shot you see Dany, stark naked (oh, Eddard. Get it?), walking from the ashes of the fire without any burn marks. She isn’t alone. No, she has her three dragons with her. And BAM – the credits roll. It was a pretty awesome ending for a great season.

That’s what I wanted to dress up as this Halloween, but how was I going to “dress-up” if Dany was dressed in absolutely nothing at all. My first concern was looking too hoochie mama-ish. My goal wasn’t to be a slutty version of Dany. I wanted to represent her, in that moment, as best as I could without being silly or slutty with it.

That’s why I decided on a nude dress. I thought about doing a bodysuit, but I didn’t want to order something online. Instead, I went with a nude body shaper I found, with Kyla’s help, at Target. I decided on a size extra-large because I didn’t want it to be too skin tight. Once I got the dress nailed down, Kyla and I went on the hunt for dragons; a search we found quite difficult. The only dragons we could find at Target were dog toys that were way too cartoonish. I went ahead and bought them as a precaution, just in case I didn’t find anything else. Kyla suggested going to Michael’s (the craft store) because she thought she had seen dragons there. I found that rather odd, but followed her lead. Sure enough, there were dragons there. Not just a couple – but a lot! They were expensive though, at $15 each. Thankfully, we used digital coupons and separate transactions to get each one at 40% off.

Once the dress and the three dragons were purchased, I was pretty much done with buying things.

Thank goodness Kyla and I decided to get ready together. Both of our costumes required a lot of make-up. To make it appear as if I just walked out of fire, I needed to dirty up my dress and my skin to make it look like ash and soot. I used wetted charcoal to rub all over my dress the night before. Then the day of the Halloween party, Kyla helped smear a combinations of black eyeliner and black lipstick – yes, lipstick – all over any exposed skin. She even defined some of the features on my body to make it look like I was naked. Her favorite part was my fake belly button 🙂

We then took hemp and wrapped that around the dragons and then secured it to my outfit. One was tied to my dress straps, one was tied on with a hemp belt, and the other was secured to my wrist with a hair band.

Here was the final result:

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