Love Stories and Cute Couples

Everyone enjoys an awesome romantic love story, even if you are black hearted and feel tainted about the idea of love, it’s nice to know that there are couples that love fully and do exist!

I was perusing various blogs and I found this super lovely couple who’s relationship make you want to work a little bit harder on yours…

The blog is Today’s Letters. And this couple is downright adorbs. 

The post that inspired me most is titled:

{10 things} That Have Made All the Difference

A few of my favorites out of the 10 things are:

“A Small Metal Box: After reading this story, Tim and I made a pact that each time we made love we would put a dollar in a special metal box and save it for our 50th anniversary trip to Hawaii. This has surprisingly been a great way for us to creatively pursue intimacy with one another over the years. Our only advice would be to not count the money in your box. Focus on quality, not quantity.”

“Traveling Journal: There is a journal we share that’s filled with words that would make you blush. We take turns writing in it, always hiding it for the other to find in an unexpected place. It’s been found duct taped to our shower, in suitcases when traveling, even in the refrigerator behind the Cool Whip. (Pretty sure Husband was trying to tell me something). Overall, this has been a great way for us to verbally affirm and encourage one another.”

Check out the rest of Em & Tim’s blog HERE! Leave a comment over there and show them some more love! They are an awesome inspiration!

Now, “Play together!”

XO – Kyla


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One Comment on “Love Stories and Cute Couples”

  1. March 12, 2013 at 12:48 pm #

    Super Adorable!

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