Ask XY: Finding Single Women

For The Single Men, Where Do You Go Hoping To Meet Ladies?

Mr. U – Men frequent places women do. Women are everywhere! It’s good to be on the lookout wherever you go, but I think it’s flawed to go anywhere with the specific purpose of meeting women. For example, if you go to the gym to meet women, chances are you’re  a) annoying women that are trying to work out and b) not working out yourself. You don’t reap the benefits of the gym at all, which would do more to help your cause with women in the first place. If you take a dance class, dance and be awesome. If you take a cooking class, cook and be awesome. ‘Cause awesome is attractive.

Mr. V – No idea?  You should ask the guys who are dating.

Mr. W – EVERYWHERE.  Bars and clubs are terrible for meeting women with values, but can offer easy pickin’s on occasion.  I like parties.  Places you have a particular reason for being other than basic human needs like food and drink.  I met a gal at Sam’s Club once.  Work is tricky.  You are supposed to be professional, and if things go south, you still have to see each other.  College was a great place to meet girls.  Maybe I should go back there…

Mr. X – Well I’ve met plenty of swell gals on OKCupid. Can’t recommend bars. I met a girl through a sketch comedy group. Always thought bookstores would be good but never had any luck there myself. 

Mr. Y – Looking for love has a very obvious look…and its not a good look. To meet someone, stop looking. Just do your thing.


Mr. Z – Bars are actually a terrible place to meet ladies.  I tend to try work, but I work in a very male dominated industry, so when that doesn’t work I hope friends can introduce me to other people they know.  I know a ton of people who have had success with online dating, I just haven’t brought myself to try it.

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One Comment on “Ask XY: Finding Single Women”

  1. Steven
    March 9, 2013 at 5:16 am #

    Nowhere, because I don’t talk to strangers and you don’t know whose single and whose not and who does/doesn’t have a super protective boyfriend.

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