Lady Confessions: Finding Love the Technological Way

Online Dating. Are You In or Out?


Totally in. But, not sure it’s for me. I’m currently on OKCupid, and it seriously concerns me that the type of men available to me on there are all rude, disgusting, and not so attractive. Since OKCupid is free, I feel like it attracts the lower end of the spectrum of single dudes. I suppose if I was more serious about looking for someone on the internet, I would pay a little money to be on Match- there are probably more legitimate gentlemen on there.


That’s a negative for me – I think there are plenty of guys out there that my friends know and can vouch for being good guys. No need for online dating.


Probably out. I’m someone who has tended to date my friends in the past. I’m just not someone who has been drawn to the idea of dating total strangers.


 Out. If I lost confidence over years of singledom, I would consider it. Anything to get back in the game. Or maybe even realize how dateable you actually are after looking at some of the other profiles.  🙂 You got this!


Never wholeheartedly tried it. Years ago, I used to browse the websites just out of curiosity but didn’t take it seriously. Personally I think I’ll only ever date people that I have known for a while or through mutual friends because I normally need a solid trust base to feel comfortable with someone.


I’ve never done online dating, and not because I’m rolling in the guys… But for me, my inner “Crazy Girl” comes out in the beginning stages of dating. “Does he like me?”, “Do I like him more then he likes me?”, “Is he worth it?!?”… I feel like I would lose my mind! But I’m not against it.  I know people that it has worked out great for. And others, when it doesn’t, they at least have amazing stories!


 I’ve tried it (a long time ago) and know many people who have also tried it, and it has never worked for any of us. That’s not to say it won’t/can’t work for anybody, but my personal experiences haven’t been the greatest. It’s not for me.


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3 Comments on “Lady Confessions: Finding Love the Technological Way”

  1. March 8, 2013 at 12:33 am #

    Indirectly I found the love of my life through a dating site – although the site itself was not so good it led me to a singles ceilidh night organised by the same people, and that is where the gorgeous woman who is now my wife bought me a drink.

    Previously I had met some interesting women through dating sites, but there was no spark as it happens. I think it is important (1) which dating site you choose and (2) how you construct your profile.

    Here’s a link to something I posted before about this:

  2. Steven
    March 9, 2013 at 5:24 am #

    oh gawd, OKCUPID is the worst out there! For one thing you got tons of skeptical women on there, who pinup themselves. Secondly, why in the hell do they still have the red light, yellow and green light on the reply status? Always the stereotypical “hot” ones always has the red light. I have an account, and I have zero positive results. My profile is similar to a narrow minded, semi scared, fearful woman, since afterall it pays to act like a lady in todays society., until Barry Diller sells that company, I’m not giving my money to them. Its just like the sister site TICKETMASTER, they overcharge for their services. I can’t pour out $160 upfront to get a similar experience that I got on OKCUPID.

    I’m better finding love off net. Especially when I have had little success talking to girls who have bitten my head more than I can take.

  3. Steven
    March 10, 2013 at 7:55 am #

    I’m on OKCUPID now, and like 1 and in 4 singles in my region have “an offspring” in their words – children.

    I don’t understand why there so many b@stard children in this society. Perhaps there are more and more foolish women insisting sex will make them happy, and instead they give birth to unwedded children and the man screws her figuratively.

    I should be careful what I say since afterall I’m a b@stard child myself and I haven’t had a father in my life, instead I have an overloving (read: overprotective) mother, whom this same individual has made the search for romance more difficult. How can I say online and to my mother “I need to go out to meet someone I met online who knows that I live with you, or will know shortly”?

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