Ask XY: Come Here Often?

When You’re Crushing On Someone, What’s Your Approach?
Do You Have An Opening Line?

Mr. U – I used to ask my female friends to do some reconnaissance work.  That was the worst plan ever. You girls STINK at that.  Now, I just throw out an obvious common interest to open up the line of conversation, and hope that somewhere along the line, I can drop an invite to do something in the future.

Mr. V – I have finally learned that if I have a crush I need to strike while the iron is hot, within 30min to an hour of meeting her. I don’t do lines, I am straighforward. I just ask them if they’d like to get dinner and see a movie. And to make sure the message gets through I say the word “date”. 

Mr. W – Depends on the situation.  I usually find something that we have in common and then start there.  If I’ve had a couple of drinks and start a conversation at a bar?  There’s nothing wrong with putting a song on the jukebox and then bringing it up.  Music is something everyone has an opinion on.  Good opener. 

Mr. X – I usually go with the matinee film.  It is a low stress, low risk way to say I want to spend more time with you.  Then you can gauge whether or not the girl has any interest in spending time with you on an individual level.

Mr. Y – Something honest, casual, and low risk for the lady being crushed on…depends on the setting and situation though.

Mr. Z – I suck at opening lines.  I’m a cheesy person, but for some reason I can’t do stupid pick up lines.  I will buy a drink though.  Although that’s something I generally do for anyone when I drink.  I dread seeing the receipts the morning after a night out at the bar.

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One Comment on “Ask XY: Come Here Often?”

  1. Steven
    March 1, 2013 at 1:36 pm #

    I have done my age old practice of staying quiet. Often when I crush on someone it shows non-verbally. It’s a crush – why flirt with someone you can’t have?

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