Proofing Yourself For The Winter Blues

With Wisconsin getting hit by the latest Winter Storm Felicia, I felt it was my duty to write about something that affects most of us this time of year. So, for those of us in the cold and barren states of America during the winter season, this is for you!

Before Christmas, everyone worries we won’t have enough white stuff on the ground, and we celebrate every unique flake that sprinkles our lawns during the first big storm. But by New Year’s Day, we struggle to find pleasure in the snow. By the end of January all the way through April (sometimes even May or June), we itch for the big spring thaw.

Typically in the Midwest, there are those few 60- or 70-degree spring days where the trees begin to bud to the point of almost blossoming and everyone is running around in tank tops and shorts soaking up the bit of weak sunlight we have, and then BAM! by nightfall the temperature drops 40-some degrees and a blizzard hits the state, sending us all into another mild depression – if we weren’t already there.

So what can you do to keep your chin up during those extra frosty months when there are no more holidays to celebrate the ice and snow? I came up with a list of a few things I’ve heard people try and things that I’ve done.

  • My boyfriend introduced me to the AeroGarden. It is an indoor, organic garden where you can grow herbs, vegetables, and flowers all year long right in your own home. When the plants are done growing, you simply clip off what you need for eating or decorating and use the food for your meals or put the flowers in a vase on your kitchen table. This will bring a little color against the white winter wonderland outside your window. Plus, you don’t have to travel in horrible weather every time you need more fresh basil or cilantro.


  • Bring out the potted plants! This ties into the suggestion above. If you don’t want an AeroGarden, go buy some potted plants from a florist or other legit places that sells healthy plants. Don’t buy them at stores like Walmart, since I’ve been warned they carry bugs that will kill all of your other plants. Plus, they seem to be poorly taken care of and have a higher risk of dying shortly after being brought into the home.
  • On blustery winter mornings, I always find myself racing to the bathroom to heat up from the steam of the shower and the dry heat from the vents. One way to start off your weekend on a morning like this would be to workout in your home or clean the house like Cinderella on the day of the ball. Yoga is always a good way to stay positive and can be brought into your workout, too. If you attend a hot power yoga class, just the walk from your car to the heated yoga building is enough to relax you.

These activities will not only warm you up, they will also make you feel productive and comfortable in a clean house while you’re cooped up for another weekend. And the best part after you’re done running around is you can open all the windows (because you’ll probably be sweating) to rotate fresh air in and kick the stale air out.

  • Try laying on a beach towel in front of a fireplace or small heater in your bathing suit and pretend you’re on the beach. For extra effect, turn on an ocean waves soundtrack or tropical theme TV screensaver.
  • I keep white Christmas lights hanging in my room year-round. The white lights with white wire are my favorite and I’d cover my entire room in them if I could. They warm my heart when Christmas is approaching and keep my room cozy after the holidays. Depending on my air conditioning situation, I will even use them a hot summer night while I read my books. It always seems to add a bit of extra comfort to the end of my evenings. Plus, when I don’t just associate white lights with Christmas, I tend to forget those lights typically mean there’s still snow on the ground.

Winter Blues Chritmas Lights

  • Bundle up and go hiking! Go downhill or cross-country skiing! Go snowshoeing! Go snowmobiling! Go ice fishing! Expose your skin (even if it’s just your face) to as much sunlight as possible. Don’t let your drive to and from work be the only sunlight you see all winter. This can actually lead to depression, especially in women.
  • Go for a quick walk or jog on your lunch break or stand in the sun for a few minutes while others around you smoke their cigarettes (staying upwind, of course).
  • Watch the sunset and sunrise, if you can. It’s a good reminder that no matter what the season is, the world is still beautiful. And the snow we hate to see outside our windows by February, was anticipated just a few weeks ago.
  • Keep ALL blinds up and curtains open while you’re home. The snow may sicken you by this point, but the sunlight bounces off that white fluffy stuff and shines light into our dark, cold homes.
  • It is wise to take Vitamin D every morning to keep you leveled. I take VitaFusion gummies. They are the best! Also, personally for me, I take fish oil as well. It keeps my brain in “full function mode” no matter what’s going on.

VitaFusion Gummies

  • Do something as simple as reading by a window. Even though it’s still winter and there aren’t leaves on the trees or bunnies in the yard to observe, being near nature of any kind can lift your spirits.
  • Take one day out of the week to cook summer meals or make summer drinks in anticipation of camping and roadtrip seasons ahead.
  • Embrace spring fever. Don’t think too hard about how much you want the weather to warm up. The more you dwell on it, the longer it will appear to come. Instead, embrace that fever by getting prepared for summer.
  • Go shopping for seeds for your summer gardens, go through your summer decorations and put away the winter ones; clean out your closet and bins in the basement and donate items to a thrift store; switch out most of your winter wardrobe for your summer one.

I hope these bring a little more sunlight into your life and a little satisfaction while you patiently wait for the approaching warmer weather ahead.


FeliciaHi, I’m Felicia! Also known as Fleesh or Flea. I have BA in Journalism and a minor in Creative Writing from the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh. I’m an avid reader, writer, and editor and have been published as a freelance reporter in several Fox Cities magazines and newspapers. During my free time, I enjoy crafting with mod podge, ballroom dancing, being a yogi, reading from an actual book (none of this Nook and Kindle business), storytelling, drinking tea, and eating healthy. My guilty pleasures include watching Sex and the City, Lipstick Jungle, and Jane Austen films; eating cheese and chocolate; and drinking a glass of wine at the end of the day. Visit me over at Measure Life In Bookmarks!

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2 Comments on “Proofing Yourself For The Winter Blues”

  1. February 25, 2013 at 6:24 am #

    These are all really great ideas. The year-round indoor Christmas lights may be something I have to try. Wouldn’t it be cool if you could build them into molding or the tops of picture frames or something? Hide as much of the wire as possible?

    Also, there has been A LOT of buzz about Vit D deficiency in the wellness community. Unless you’re a landscaper or mail person, you’re not getting enough of it. It is really important though that the supplement comes from whole foods and that it’s non hydrolyzed (unheated). Otherwise you’re body doesn’t recognize or digest it properly. Try Garden of Life’s RAW Vit D. It works incredibly and is not too expensive.

    Thanks again for the post!

  2. March 13, 2013 at 10:57 am #

    Thank you for your comment ahappylass! Good points. I would love to come up with a project to incorporate white lights into decorations. That’s an interior design dream! I am glad you found this post helpful in the coming of Spring. I am sure itching for warmer weather!

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