Ask XY: Men on Menstruation

How do you feel about women and their periods? Would you rather not know? Or are you like, “so what? I’ll go and buy her feminine products and chocolate!”

Mr. T – Not a phobia or worried about it.

Mr. U – Natural part of life.  Tell me, don’t tell me.  It’s all the same.  It just bugs me when it’s used as an excuse for anything.  In the same vein, I try not to be the guy who’s like “she’s being a bitch, must be that time of the month”. 

Mr. V – For a number of reasons, Its helpful to understand when its that time, as long as “that time” does not become  a monthly free pass for being a giant bitch.

Mr. W – I don’t need to know when you’re on your period.  I can be cool about picking up lady products if I have to, but I don’t think I have to cater to her needs like she’s dying of cancer.  The most important time I want to know is if we are about to have sex.  I’m not going to have sex with someone who is bleeding from any part of their body.  If someone’s nose is bleeding, I would stop foreplay and clog that shit before proceeding. 

Mr. X – I don’t care about knowing about them.  It’s part of their body, why is that gross?  My girlfriend always says “I’m sorry, I shouldn’t tell you about this.”  Thing is, that sentence always comes AFTER the description of what ever pain or flow issue is currently going on.  Maybe I have just become desensitized to it. 

Mr. Y – I think its confusing, why is there so much blood? And why are there pads AND tampons? And can you have a tampon in and pee at the same time? (OAM response: yes, you can, because there’s an opening for each of those things.)

Mr. Z – There is no way I would ever decide on my own to go buy “feminine products”.  I’d probably buy the wrong thing unless I had a SKU number or something.  We don’t need details on the gross stuff.  I don’t explain my poops every day (sometimes twice).  Just say “I’m not feeling well in the vagina” and I will leave you to do whatever you want.

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4 Comments on “Ask XY: Men on Menstruation”

  1. ramblingsofabipolarwoman
    February 18, 2013 at 9:44 am #

    I have never made anyone buy them for me, figure it’s my period, so I’ll take care of it, ya know? I am a woman and even I don’t want to hear details about someone’s period, so I don’t go into details about mine at all, unless a female friend of mine and I are talking about signs of something more serious and when to be checked out for problems. I only tell my boyfriend I have it so he doesn’t get too into the mood and find that lol. Other than that, we don’t talk about it. I know it’s a part of being a woman and I am not bothered by it, but I know most guys don’t want to hear about it and I get that. 🙂

    Oh, for those wondering though why there are pads and tampons, well one reason is because some can’t wear tampons, like myself. I get sick. There is something called Toxic Shock Syndrome and I found out the hard way I can’t wear them. It’s not fun. Also, I think it comes down to preference, what a woman feels more comfortable with.

    I agree that us being menstruating should NOT be a free pass to be a major bitch. Yeah, it makes some of us more emotional and irritable, but that isn’t an excuse to treat everyone else like crap. I do warn people I am edgier and do my best to keep my cool because it’s not anyone else’s fault and don’t want to take it out on anyone. Some have more severe cases and they have something called P.M.D.D. and it’s way worse than P.M.S., my mom has it, but we didn’t know till I was an adult. It explains a lot. She was more than a mega bitch. See though, I think when you find yourself transforming that much during that time, you should go see someone and see what’s going on. Not only for those around you, but hey, trust me…it’s not fun being that miserable, get help for yourself…you have to live with it ALL the time, just my opinion.

  2. Steven
    February 18, 2013 at 10:04 am #

    Mr. Y seems to be sheltered

    I’m don’t know what Mr. W sees, but I don’t know first hand how bad a girl bleeds or how much.

    I don’t have a problem dealing with a girl during times of the month, just try to control your emotions. I also do not like a girl who would blame her monthly for the reason to bite ones heads off.

    And what am I kidding? I sometimes I think I have MPMS – for male PMS!

    I have no idea what it is like when a girl is bleeding (since I have never been close to anyone in such relationship) but from an outsider, I would think it would be a turn on. I’ve heard its possible to have a sexual intercourse when a girl bleeds.

    But then, I sound like perv, because I find it intrusive if someone asks me about my bathroom habits, and then if I ask a girl about her period, then I probably come off as intrusive and a pervert.

    I suppose for me I find it sexy in a way during a certain time of a month for a girl.

  3. February 18, 2013 at 3:12 pm #

    Period is a part of life but it sometimes even grosses me out! I am 24 years old and a feminist so I’m slightly ashamed to admit that. But I understand when a man doesn’t want a woman bleeding on her during sex. All the rest of the time, he can deal with my chatter about it.

  4. February 19, 2013 at 8:10 pm #

    lol @ “I’m not feeling well in the vagina”.

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