Lady Confessions: Best Valentine’s Day Present

Seeing as it’s Valentine’s Day today, we thought we’d share the best V-day presents we’ve ever received! Men, take note!


An Edible Arrangement of chocolate covered strawberries. Not very inventive, I know, but chocolate covered strawberries are one of my absolute favorite things to eat, so it was perfect for me!


I’ve never had a boyfriend during valentines day!! I hope to someday!


Hmmm…this may sound kind of cheesy and sad, but I really liked whenever I’ve gotten flowers. Other gifts are great, but they’re also usually the same kind of gifts you can get for birthdays and christmas and things. But I don’t usually get flowers for birthdays and christmas. for me, flowers are pretty and uplifting and brighten the room they’re in. and they’re also easier to show off because they’re there for everyone to see. i’m also not in the need for extravagance – i like to keep things simple (probably because i don’t find valentine’s day to be a big deal). and i love flowers.


 I had a BF at the time who I had been with for two years. I pretty much thought he had forgotten all about Valentine’s so I was like, “Ok, we’re not making a big deal out of it.” That night, he showed up and gave me a small heart pendant necklace. And while that was nice, it was the explanation of the gift that made it so touching. He said, “It’s white gold, because I know you hate yellow gold.  I chose the pink sapphire , one because you love pink, but it is also your birth stone.  It’s a heart, because you already have mine and I wanted you to have a token reminder.  And the diamond on top is because you light up every day you are in my life.”  I melted.  And, because I thought we weren’t really doing anything big, all I got him was a balloon that sang when you tapped it… My Bad…
I had a boyfriend buy me a Valentine’s Day card…but it was in Spanish. Which he “translated”. Obviously the translation was nowhere near what it actually said in Spanish, but that’s why I loved it.————————————————————————————————————————————–

Okay, I’ll split this up. The best V-Day gift in terms of thoughtfulness was from a high school boyfriend of mine. We had limited time to share because I had a few hours after school before dance class. He came over and made me dinner, and then took me for a car ride, made me close my eyes the whole way, and we ended up at a gas station. He filled up my tank. (I was always low on gas).

However, the actual greatest Valentine’s Day gift was a few years ago.  My boyfriend at that time booked us a Valentine’s Day couples massage, where we had chocolate covered strawberries and relaxed in the sauna before enjoying an AMAZING massage complete with hot stones, aromatherapy and chocolate-scented massage oils. We were so relaxed that we just went home and layed around all day having sex that smelled like chocolate.

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