Lady Confessions – Periods. What’s your favorite product?

What’s your favorite Tampon/Maxi Pad/Diva Cup brand and why?


Playtex Sports … They go in and come out the easiest.


I buy Tampax most often because I like the Compak version that they sell. Those fit nicely into a pocket or a tucked into your purse so that I can be discreet about it.


Tampax pearl!! I don’t think I have tried anything else! But it’s magical – no tugging and awkwardness, just gliiiiides.


I used to be a Tampax Pear girl until I dove into the world of O.B. tampons. They are super tiny, wrapped in an itty bitty little plastic cover. It’s perfect for a pocket, and you can easily carry 2 at a time.


I find myself mindlessly buying the same products every month, without even considering new stuff. I’m all about those Playtex Sport tampons. Easy peasy lemon squeezy to use, and not so awkward like those insert-yourself OB ones. Ick.


I have been converted from a Tampax girl to a Diva Cup girl ALL THE WAY! After hearing a co-worker talk about its benefits, I thought I would try it out. It is seriously great. 1. You cut down on waste since it’s reusable. 2. You can wear it for up to 12 hours and it doesn’t leak!! After #2, do you need to hear anymore? If you do…click the link below.

How about the Diva Cup or the Reusable Pad?

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