Ask XY: Talkin’ Bout Sexcapades

How often do guys share their sexcapade stories with their buddies? Into how much detail do they actually go? Does it make a difference if it was a one night stand or a girlfriend?

Mr. W – I haven’t shared too many stories, but there have been some that make the rounds at a bar.  They almost always end up being one night stands, if only because the circumstances surrounding them are hilarious compared to stories involving a girlfriend.  Also, out of respect, there are never too many details.

Mr. X – All the time. Never go into too much details. I only tell about one night stands or ex gfs that nobody knew. Never about the current gf. 

Mr. YI, personally, have never been the guy who tells stories about great sex to my buddies.  I will, on the other hand, tell stories of awkward moments during sex.   I don’t like to go into detail about these things, but I have friends who have given 10 minute long speeches on one hook-up.
Usually I use metaphors.  Baseball is always good for metaphors.  Once, a girl played with my junk like I was a pinball machine.  There, that was the whole story.
I would never tell my buddies about a situation with a girlfriend or some one that all my friends knew.  I learned this through experience, though.  I told one story about a girl that I hooked up with before she was introduced to my friends.  Even after she met these people, they still associate her with that one story.  I hate that, and I would never do that to someone again.

Mr. Z – I don’t think guys kiss and tell nearly as much as TV and film depict.  And any sex story I’ve heard usually is a one night stand involving a stranger that odds are no one would ever see.  Most of the time no one goes into sexy details about a girl we know or hang out with regularly.  If it is a girlfriend then really no one cares about the details of your sex life.

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