Ask XY: Best Christmas Gift

Ask XY Christmas 1

Ask XY: What are some of the best gifts you’ve ever received and what gifts would you like this year and/or in the future.


Mr. W – It is a tie for the two best gifts I ever received.  As a kid I got a DVD player and a CD burner in the same year, which was quite an epic Christmas for a family that is slow to adapt to new technology.  Then as an adult my favorite gift was U2 tickets.  Because of their age and ticket price I was doubting if I would ever be able to go see my favorite band.  Two years later I saw one of the best concerts of my life.  In terms of the future, I think my favorite gifts would be something in technology.  It probably hasn’t even been invented yet. 

Mr. X – The best gift I can think of is sexy Santa-themed underwear… not for me.  
If you’re looking for something nice for someone but don’t have a lot of time or money, try something that is connected to your friendship.  A cheap gift can mean something when it’s connected to a fond memory, just steer clear of tacky nick-knacks.

Mr. Y – The best gifts are those that I’m not thinking of and don’t want to spend my own money on. Something I never think about, for example, is fashion. I know nothing of what does and doesn’t look good on me. I don’t know how to rock my looks or form. I also don’t like to shop for clothes on my own. So if someone helps me out in that area, fabulous! 

Mr. Z – When I was a young pup in the dawn of my life, I loved Legos (hell, who am I kidding, I still do).  Christmas was always the time when I got a bigger, more elaborate set.  The yearly Lego set kind of became a tradition and to this day, my mom will still give me a tiny set along with any other gift she gives me (usually money).  You can ask my roommates, those sets still sit out, usually next to the TV.

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One Comment on “Ask XY: Best Christmas Gift”

  1. December 17, 2012 at 6:48 am #

    My husband gave me a tattoo machine one year for Christmas. He was the best shopper (when we had money…) :/

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