Our Favorite Kitchen Gadgets: Bryce’s Picks

This list is in no particular order, but all of them make life a little easier in the kitchen. Some take up a chunk of space, while others flatten down to a pancake. Half of them were wedding presents, but boy am I glad I registered for them!

The requirements for my list are:
-I own them
-I’m glad I own them.

1) Garlic press

Garlic press

This is a basic and inexpensive item that I use all the time! Not that its HARD to chop garlic or anything, but this little helper gets it done in a snap without leaving your fingers smelly!

2) Stand mixer

Stand mixer

With the amount of baking that we do for our events, I don’t know how Kyla gets away without even owning a hand mixer! She must have some really strong arms! This is the highest priced item on my list, but well worth it! I think the Kitchenaid Stand Mixer is actually the #1 most registered for item for people getting married. And I am not surprised. Just flip it on and let it do all the work! Hopefully I’ll be getting those pasta rolling attachments that hook onto the front this Christmas! (Hint, hint to my family members out there!)

I make a variety of items with this bad boy: batter, dough, meringues, whipped cream for example. It’s fast, it’s easy,and you have control over speed that will stay consistent (unlike my arms…) with very minimal effort for the chef.

3) FlatOut!(r) collapsable containers by Tupperware

Flatout tupperware

Do the rest of you have the same problem that I do when it comes to containers for leftovers? No matter what, the cabinet is just a mess of covers and containers that don’t stack together properly and everything is awkwardly shoved in whatever corner of my kitchen that wasn’t being used by something else. That is, until I found these collapsable containers. Pop ’em open to fill with food, then squish ’em back down back down to store!

They are also great to bring along to a restaurant for your leftovers! I know it seems a little dorky to bring your own to-go container to a restaurant, but it does help to cut down on  waste which is good for the planet!

4) Express kettle

Express kettle

Sure it just heats up water, so it’s basically a one-trick-pony. But it heats up so FAST! Then it flips off and you’re done. When you’re cooking a bunch of stuff on the stove, your burners are all in use and you just need hot water, blam-o! Express kettle to the rescue. I use it for coffee/tea, oatmeal, instant mashed potatoes, and, just yesterday, for hot buttered rum!

5) 5-in-1 Griddle/Panini press by Cuisinart 


This gadget is a lot easier to clean than the griddle I have in my stovetop. Of course my stove is about 60 years old (no joke!) so it might not be the same for a more modern appliance. The best part of the griddler is the removable plates. Ridges on one side, flat on the other. I use it most often for making pancakes and other breakfast items as well as grilling sausages when we don’t feel like firing up the full-sized grill. Now they make additional waffle plates that you can plop in as well (another item that you will find on my Christmas list this year) which would liberate me from my waffle iron that is NOT easy to clean.

I hope you’ve found this list to be useful, just like the items themselves!



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