Ask XY: Women and Extreme Diets

Ladies & Diets, do women on extreme diets freak you out? 

Mr. S – Two grapes for lunch is a sign that something weird is going on.  I’d be sort of freaked out about a girl like that.  There’s a line with dieting that shouldn’t be crossed.  I think it’s more about a lifestyle change than drastic steps.

Mr. T – Diets are good for both men and women but being crazy isn’t apart of that, so no two-grape-diet. A healthy diet plan is best.

Mr. U – It’s one thing to diet, it’s another to be on some new diet every month.  I, myself am always trying to watch what I eat.  It’s a big red flag for when a person really wants to change their body, but cant commit to buckling down and living a healthier lifestyle.  Some people think they are going to come across some new way to diet that will change their life.  They wont. This attitude can be a sign of general lack of ambition and unrealistic expectations.

Mr. V –   I am definitely put off by women with extreme diets, I think that for the most part, the people dieting are already at a healthy or even unhealthily low weight. If it pains me to watch you drink your life away on a juice diet, it must be killing you inside. Eat and be merry.

Mr. W – Of course I would rather have a woman be comfortable. It doesn’t bother me though as long as they dont act like it is a righteous act that they are doing. People that are Vegans and shove it down your throat are way more annoying for the most part, but some women on diets tend to do that very same thing…”I cant do that, Im on a diet…diet diet diet blah blah blah” That is when it becomes an issue. (Same thing goes for men by the way)

Mr. X – You girls seem to think these kinds of things matter to a guy.  Most of this stuff is things we notice and shrug off.  I could care less if you eat a salad or a steak.  Either way I’m good.  Just know that I am going to eat whatever I want as well.

Mr. Y – For me, a woman with some natural meat on her bones is far sexier. There’s a difference between optimizing one’s assets and changing them for others. It makes sense: To own yourself is sexy. To be something other than you (giving your ownership away) is not.

Mr. Z – It doesn’t freak me out, but girls that are too skinny REALLY freak me out.  I think a women’s perspective on skinny is skewed by what the see in magazines and tv.

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4 Comments on “Ask XY: Women and Extreme Diets”

  1. December 10, 2012 at 9:16 am #

    In all fairness to the women whose self -esteem has been skewed by the unhealthy images seen on magazines and TV, keep in mind it’s all well and good to say those aren’t the women you (men in general) find attractive (I’ve definitely heard this more than once,) but when men still voraciously consume mags like Playboy, etc, which show nothing BUT these types of women, you can see why a woman might feel a man’s words on the subject are insincere.

    • Anonymous
      December 11, 2012 at 5:29 pm #

      Men will say that they don’t care all that much, but then (generalizing here) so many times you will catch critical remarks from them about women’s bodies that make us feel like they truly are scrutinizing every flaw and only drooling over unrealistic Barbie-proportioned bodies.

  2. December 12, 2012 at 12:30 pm #

    Extreme diets are not good for you– it’s a quick fix that wreaks havoc on your metabolism. I’m catching up on your posts and wanted to tell you that I LOVE this concept. I have a mommy’s dinner every month at home– but this is one step further– very cool! Also, I nominated you all for the One Lovely Blog award (see here for details, I’m sure some of my moms will be checking your site out now!

    • December 12, 2012 at 2:25 pm #

      Hey Maria! Thanks for stopping by! We’d love to hear more about your Mommy’s Dinner! Check out our OAM Everywhere and if you’re interested in submitting email us at! 🙂

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