Ask XY: Guys and Chick Flicks

What is your favorite chick flick and why?

Mr. T – They are all fine but to now pick a favorite is insulting because they are not guy’s favorites.  They are just fun movies.  After googling chick flicks with most being ok movies, I chose “Can’t Buy Me Love” – a classic.

Mr. U –   The Notebook. My original hook – Rachel McAdams. The horrible realization – I cry like a melting ice cap as soon as the scene with Ryan Gosling pouring his heart out to her in the rain starts. I just… I just wanted to be him so bad.

Mr. V – Love Actually.  Not sure why, maybe it’s because the aging rocker character cracks me up.

Mr. W – Love Actually.  It actually has a plot.

Mr. X – 500 Days of Summer. Is it a chick flick, though? It’s only disguised as one, I think. I loved it because it’s the only romantic comedy I’ve seen that’s been told strictly from the male point of view and does so emotionally, not objectively. We see how men hurt too, and the consequences are often worse and harder to deal with because most men have been conditioned to reject emotion, so they don’t have the tricks of trade to deal with it…like crying, for example.

Mr. Y – I like musicals.  I don’t know if the Sister Act series counts as chick flicks, but those are great.  I also like Clueless.

Mr. Z  – Mean Girls, it is funny.

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2 Comments on “Ask XY: Guys and Chick Flicks”

  1. December 3, 2012 at 12:32 pm #

    The Notebook is excellent.
    Last Chance Harvey – excellent actors and a sensible plot, and set in the best bit of the best city in the world.
    Love Actually is all right to see once, but it’s a bit pappy really.
    Four weddings and a funeral – good for the outstanding rendition of Auden’s poem at the gay funeral, but I don’t believe the premise at the end, that somehow you can love someone and not want to marry them. What’s that all about? At least it’s British and begins with the most wonderful opening dialogue 😉 (Biased, me?)
    Bridget’s Diary, and almost anything with Colin Firth in it is tolerable.
    Most chick flicks are awful, but you have to watch them to keep your woman happy. Worst ever: Maid of honour. Sheesh. We all know in real life that wet limp American guy could never cut it. Ok, the Scotsman fiance is a bit up himself. But really…

  2. December 4, 2012 at 5:04 am #

    Now and Then: It encompassing this whole coming of age story-line that is so relatable. You cry and laugh in all the right parts because you’ve been there before.

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