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If you’ve read my about me, you might have learned that I was born and raised for half of my life in Indiana. Being a Hoosier, I was surrounded by delicious foods like roasted corn on the cob, tenderloins made bigger than the bun, and too many “salads” and “casseroles” to count! But my favorite of meals comes from the ma and pa shops in the little town of Elwood.
Back in the day, Elwood really wasn’t all that little. It was considered a city! The streets were lined with shops. My Pappy (Grandpa) told me on Main street, he used to buy my pants at the tailor and they even had a JC Penny! Which is hard to imagine today, as most of those buildings no longer exist.
Elwood still holds onto some nooks and crannies that keep the history of the town alive. One of my favorite places now called Roby’s. Before that it was called a million different names. To me, it’s still called Edgels because well, that’s what I grew up with! The little old diner sits in a brick corner building in the middle of town. And even know the name has changed, the menu hasn’t veered far from what I remembered as a kid!
When I was kid, it looked a lot different. Since then they’ve painted the outside white, changed the sign (obviously) a bajillion times, and the inside has had some remodeling. As a kid, my grandma would take me here after school for a bowl of soup. At that time the main wall has some seated booths and the little jukebox you put a quarter in to play some tunes. She would tell me stories of when she used to come there as a little girl. Back in the day the train station was a mere hop, skip, and a jump away and provided a convenient and delicious lunch or dinner option for travelers. “You could look out the giant window and see people everywhere. They were loading and unloading on and off the train.”
The giant window at the front of the diner is home to where the grill sits. Years and years of grease and seasonings make these burgers like none other in town. You order “with” or “without.” Meaning the best most delicious grilled onions you’ve ever had on top of your burger in your life. This is what I’m talking about. They also serve another Indiana favorite… those giant tenderloins. Mmm!
This past trip my parents and I loaded up on the deep fried mushrooms, french fries, and onion rings. Sides that could go on for days of delicious deep fried goodness. Now I didn’t say this place was vegan, gluten free, fat free, or low cal… this place is just plane old delicious and you don’t even want to think about all the healthy while you’re sitting in there. And I’m pretty sure if you asked around, no one would even bother to take your order if you asked for it fat free. It’s just too good to cut anything out.
But what’s dinner without dessert?! (Now be sure to take a few hours break between these two. You want to savor the flavors and enjoy the experience!)
Burger Dairy Bar. (Again, this is the name I grew up with. Now it’s called Taylor’s)
I used to ride my bike to this place with a pocket full of change and high hopes for a giant ice cream cone. At that time, Burger’s was a bigger convenient store. Shelves and shelves of whatever an adult might need… I just focused on the candy and ice cream. 😉 Today Taylor’s still has the same “feel” as it did when I was a kid, but their ice cream has expanded and has become the main highlight. Like, really expanded. I would have went bonkers as a kid if there were as many ice cream choices as there are today! 40! 40! FORTY! Ice cream choices… I was looking at 12 thinking it was a big deal!
Everything you could imagine… you want chocolate chocolate chocolate flavored, they’ve got it. You want berry everything, they’ve got it. Cotton candy, bubblegum, moose tracks, butter pecan, just everything, okay?!
It being fall, this last trip I dived face first into a 2 scooped waffle cone. Hello Pumpkin flavored ice cream! Hello Toffee ice cream! One scoop of each! It still tastes as great as it did when I was a kid. Forget ice cream from Dairy Queen, yogurt from Yogurtland… a cone from Taylors is the way to go!
Here’s a nice note and hugs back to my hometown… no matter what you can always expect a friendly experience. Everyone knows everyone… and even if you don’t think you know someone, give it a minute. Because soon enough someone will ask you your name. Your maiden name, your parent’s names, your mom’s maiden name, your grandparent’s names, your grandma’s maiden name, what street you grew up on, what school you went to, and you’ll eventually get a “do you know so and so?” and you’ll end up figuring out it’s the person your parents played with as kids on the corner of 16th and E street back in the early 70’s. 🙂 I love it!
If you take a trip to the middle of Indiana, stop in to the Heart of Hoosierland and say hello!
XO – Kyla

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