Ask XY – All They Want to do is Yack, Yack, Yack!

I’ve heard it said that men don’t want to listen to women talk about their problems because women just want to vent, not seek a solution to a problem. Is that true?

Mr. U –Yes it is true, basically it breaks down like this. If a man is telling you a problem it’s because he is looking for help with a solution, if a woman is telling you a problem it’s because she wants to vent her negative energy or some shit. I’d recommend the book “A Practical Guide for the Boyfriend” by Felicity Huffman. Great read for men and women that want to figure out what the fuck the other person is thinking. 

Mr. V-  False.

Mr. W-  No, and anyone who says that is an asshole.  I vent, and so does my girlfriend.  It’s part of being a person.  You can’t listen to your significant other?  Try single dudes, those bitches won’t shut up.

Mr. X- I’m the type that will want to try to find a solution…that being said, I often listen to women vent.  It all depends on the guy.

Mr. Y-  I think that the listening portion is really what most people seek when they talk to others about their problems. Sometimes there really is not a solution to said problem, but to be able to express the dickery of others to a listening ear is often all that a person needs to feel less burdened by the poor decisions and behavior of the constant parade of idiots.

Mr. Z- For most people, (and this includes men) we confide in friends our problems when there’s a solution in mind that we just want reaffirmed.  Our decision making and fact collecting are more like lawyers than they are detectives.  Sometimes, the answer we get is not what we were looking for, and we don’t except it, even from a close friend.  This is not specific to women only, but women just have more problems, so it may seem that way. 

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2 Comments on “Ask XY – All They Want to do is Yack, Yack, Yack!”

  1. September 3, 2012 at 1:55 pm #

    Not being a man, I guess I can`t really answer that, but to ventilate is the most underestimated ability for how to keep a good mental health, amongst most men – I think… So there you go, I guess I could answer after all! (…my hubby wouldn`t be surprised at all 😉 🙂 )

  2. September 6, 2012 at 6:05 pm #

    Mr. Z hits it spot on. Normally when I’m complaining about something, I already know exactly what I need to do. I just want to hear it from somebody that I trust.

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