Lady Confessions: Caught in the Act! And Other Embarrassing Tales…

What’s Your Most Embarrassing Sex Story?

Realizing I forgot to shave my legs halfway through the act.


After doing the deed, I realized all of his bedroom windows and blinds were open. Who knows what people walking by must have heard…and seen!


A police car pulled up behind us while my high school boyfriend and I were getting hot and heavy in the car.


I woke up after a drunken one night stand with my friend’s roommate and I had to be at work in 10 minutes. I basically said “Gotta go!” and ran out the door.


My parents almost caught me having sex, so we threw a blanket over our laps and pretended to be watching TV. They had no idea we were naked from the waist down…


In the morning, my sister popped her head in my room and found me in the throws with a random guy.


I told a guy not to finish in my mouth…but he did….so he offered me a handful of M&M’s as an “I’m sorry I cam in your mouth – this should fix the taste” gift.

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