Beauty Review: Simple Cleansing Facial Wipes

Simple (TM) is a relatively new brand that’s designed for sensitive skin with no alcohol, oil, perfume, or dyes but with added vitamin goodness. I’m all for that kind of product so I was interested in giving it a try. Target was giving away sample sized beauty products earlier in the year and inside was a packet of Simple Cleansing Facial Wipes. Normally I don’t buy wipes or those cleansing pad thingies because they generate excess waste. I almost always pick up a face wash with exfoliants in it, so this was a switch for me.

When using the wipes as a regular cleanser, I don’t think my face feels as clean. Also, I don’t have particularly sensitive skin. In fact, I have skin more on the oily side, so this product isn’t designed for me. I wouldn’t recommend this product for an everyday cleanser, HOWEVER, I do find them to be pretty handy for another purpose, which would prompt me to pick up another pack.

I just recently went a on a road trip with my mom from California to Minnesota. We drove through the Southwest before cutting up through Colorado. And let me tell, there were some HOT days on the road! For those times when you get a little sweaty, but you don’t really need/are unable to take a shower, use these puppies for a little sponge-bath-style wipe down of your face, neck, and even your pits (even though the packaging says facial wipes). It gave me that refresher I needed to keep from stinking up the joint, or at least feeling like I was. It’s also nice when you’ve been wearing sunscreen all day, but then it starts to feel yucky when you’ve gone back inside.


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