July’s Ladies’ Night Event: Fake Bachelorette Party!

For the first time, OnceAMonth hosted an event that was open to more than just us four bosom buddies.

We sent out special invitations to our closest gal pals from work, school, etc. asking them to take part in our July ladies’ night – a Fake Bachelorette Party! 

Although there is no bride to honor, grab your heels & cocktail dress, OAM’s planning a party that’s going to impress! We’ll start the night off with a cocktail or two, sweets, games, and a story for you! A little later we’ll hit the town, better get ready, who knows what will go down!

We invite you to this exclusive party, ladies only, things might just get a little naughty!


The theme was obvious – A bachelorette party is an great excuse to hang with the ladies, get free drinks, and revel in sexual lewdness. Since there is no soon-to-be-bride in our crop of female friends – we had to make one up; but who would it be? That’s when we decided to make the whole process a game.

Bear with us because this process may seem a little complicated, but it’s really not. Trust us. Here is how we did it.

When each person arrived to the party, we handed them a raffle ticket, in which they wrote their names on and dropped in a glass jar.

Then we instructed them to fill out a card with a list of questions: Name an adjective, a verb, a frame of time, etc. It also asked for the name of a guy, venue, activity, etc. (details are below). Then we encouraged them to have some drinks and mingle. 

When everyone had arrived and we were all feeling a little tipsy, we started a series of games. We had this grand idea to incorporate every little girl’s favorite game, M.A.S.H! We used a white board to structure the format and went down the list asking the ladies to shout out answers they wrote down on their cards (the cards mentioned above). We chose the best and most interesting answers for each category and wrote them under each of the following categories:







And as the game of Mash goes, one person starts drawing a swirl while another person yells stop when they feel like it. You then count the number of swirls and that is your number. We had six – so we started counting the answers and every SIXTH answer we crossed out. We continued this way until only one answer remained for each category. 

Next step: Use those selected words from MASH to help fill out the Mad Lib below. Once you fill in those answers, have one person or host start reading the story aloud. The first blank field in the Mad Lib will be filled in with the name you draw from the raffle ticket jar. Any remaining blank fields will be filled in as you read and the guests shout out answers (From their card that was handed out when they first arrived).


With instructions for each field and the answers that ended up in our own Mad Lib game.

Once upon a time in a land far, far, near; there was a lonely maiden named SARAH (NAME DRAWN FROM HAT/BOWL – SHE IS THE BRIDE-TO-BE  FOR THE NIGHT – HOORAY!!!). She was out alone one night FUNKILY JUMPING (ADJECTIVE, VERB) at the CEMETERY (PLACE), when out of nowhere a guy, by the name of PRINCE HARRY (MALE’S NAME FROM MASH), HUMPED (VERB) up to her and said, “Hello, my lovely. I noticed you from across the way. Would you please do me the honor of going SURFING (ACTIVITY FROM MASH) with me?” “Of course,” SARAH shouted! The two fell in love in one minute – exactly 60 seconds (just like the movies). After only 43 SECONDS (AMOUNT OF TIME FROM MASH), PRINCE HARRY got down on his ABS (BODY PART) and presented a DIAMOND BRACELET (PIECE OF JEWELRY), while blurting out “Will you marry me?” SARAH shouted, “Of course, my DOG (NOUN)!”

The bride-to-be was so excited to ask her favorite gal pals to stand up with her at the wedding, so she sent a message and FART (SILLY NOUN) via a WINDOWLESS VAN (TYPE OF TRANSPORTATION) to MARIE, DANIELLE, BRANDY, AMBER, AND JESS (NAMES OF FIVE GIRLFRIENDS – DRAWN FROM A HAT/BOWL) asking them to be her bridesmaids. A very special message was sent to ANNA (DRAWN FROM A HAT/BOWL) asking her to be her maid of honor.

TWO MINUTES (AMOUNT OF TIME) later, the lovely couple sent out their wedding invitation:

You are cordially invited to celebrate the wedding of 



in SOUTH PARK, CO (CITY and ST) at 4:00pm.  

The ceremony will be followed by a reception of BAKLAVA (FOOD), BEER (DRINK), and SEX (ACTIVITY).


So there you have it! In one Mad Lib the party will discover WHO the bride-to-be is, WHO the bridesmaids are, THE STORY of how the soon-to-be-married couple met, and all of the other fun WEDDING DETAILS.

The game wasn’t the only fun we had before we headed out to the bars. We also had prizes for our lucky guests! We used the raffle ticket jar to draw out the winners. We played it like a White Elephant gift exchange. The first person who was picked went up and selected a wrapped gift from the pile. They then opened it and revealed the contents. The following people to be drawn out of the jar had the option of STEALING a present or grabbing an unwrapped gift from the pile. 

Our presents included typical X-rated gifts a Bachelorette may receive at her party:

A penis shaped sucker

“Dick” Tarts (penis shaped candy)

A pink, sparkly vibrator

Anal beads 

Plus, some other Once A Month gear including tote bags, notepads, and post-its.

Stay tuned this week to get the details of our event! From drink recipes, food recipes, decorating ideas, and more!

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16 Comments on “July’s Ladies’ Night Event: Fake Bachelorette Party!”

  1. sheargeniousfashioneasta
    August 5, 2012 at 10:39 pm #

    Perfect all around. Smiles…

  2. August 31, 2012 at 10:49 am #

    Keep lovin’ life and havin’ fun.


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