Adult Arcades – Sex Closets?

We were surprised too. We’ve talked about porn and masturbation before, here and here. But it was recently the 4 of us took a trip to the Sex Shop for our July’s OAM Event Planning…

We are not sure how many of you have explored behind the doors of the porn shops… have you ever heard of the Adult Arcades? 

Said person will walk into the sex shop, slap down cash, debit, or credit, picks a movie and is directed towards a closet size space with a screen for their masturbation needs. It’s very interesting to say the least.

1. It’s not really all that private as you can hear the “oos” and “aahs” of the subjects in the video and maybe the person pleasuring themselves.

2. You probably are already paying for internet at home or even on your cell phone! What’s up with wanting to pay for more sex when you have it in arms reach already. (hehe)

3. Why? Is it because you want to do it so bad and don’t have a place in your home, car, or anywhere else in the world?

4. Feeling really sorry for the people who have to clean that place. How many other people do you think have done the dirty with themselves in that tiny room before you showed up?

While we were pursuing various Bachelorette Party gag gifts, a young gentleman quickly rushed in and then quickly found himself in one of those cozy rooms. He was younger – maybe in his early 20’s. You could tell he was shy and embarrassed about it. When he picked his flick of choice he whispered. What’s the point then? Is it worth all of the stress and hassel?! Some would say yes…?

After a wikipedia search (CURIOSITY!)… this whole Adult Arcade thing is pretty popular. Mostly when it comes with Glory Holes (That’s another topic for another day – something about putting your goods through a hole while a stranger takes care of you -Ahem. You don’t even have to SEE the person! It’s through a WALL! Another day though, another day…). It seems the Adult Arcade has a big following.

Huh? … Right?

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2 Comments on “Adult Arcades – Sex Closets?”

  1. sheargeniousfashioneasta
    July 31, 2012 at 9:48 pm #

    This doesn’t seem to surprise me. Anything they offer with sex seems to make them a quick buck. A few seconds to ring the sale, and the customer does all the work. Except for the clean-up…I hope those custodians get paid double and are given a ample supply of gloves and bleach. And hopefully there is hand sanitzer upon entering and leaving the store.

  2. August 1, 2012 at 6:48 am #

    That seems crazy. I surf YouPorn on my phone for a few minutes in the morning before my daughter wakes up. I can’t imagine having to go to a sex shop to do basically the same thing.

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