Ask XY – Guys With Little Dogs

Guys with Little Dogs, is it okay? What are your thoughts?

Mr. U – I don’t see anything wrong with that.  If the dog is well behaved, it shows responsibility on his part.  Still better than a fucking cat any day of the week. 

Mr. V-  Depends on the dog.

Mr. W-  A pet is a pet.  Am I going to be as intimidated by a muscle bound dude with a chinchilla?  Probably not.  But it’s not my dog.

Mr. X- As a guy with a little dog, of course I think it’s okay for other guys to have little, nay, even littler dogs. The size of your dog or car or bank account says nothing about your anatomy or who you are, really, except to say that it might say something about your current situation. For instance, one of the reasons my wife and I got a smaller dog is because we don’t have a lot of space where we live for a bigger dog to roam free. Also, we both work, so keeping a bigger dog cooped up for the entire work day is something we consider inhumane. That and Gus is the cutest dog ever. Oh, and smaller poops. That may seem like a small thing, but when it gets on the rug, you’ll think twice about that. Again, the size of the dog is immaterial. What you do with/for it, on the other hand…

Mr. Y-  Dogs are dogs. They are acceptable. Sure, a guy with a little dog might be called light in his loafers, but i am jealous all the same. I wish i had a dog, any dog, and I will not begrudge and male for loving a creature.

Mr. Z- Yes, little dogs are like hipsters. When you see one being annoying on the street it’s okay to hate but once you actually pet them, you find out they’re really chill. 

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