Top 5 Moments You Realized… I’m a Woman!

Today’s post is brought to you by our buddy Jeff. He runs a blog called thetop5five! Today’s post is written by me! Kyla! And the men’s portion is written by our buddy Sam! Here’s a sneak peak… 

#1  Period. That’s right and pretty obvious. The first time you take down your panties and you realize you are bleeding from a place you never have before. Some of us were terrified, others completely okay with it and went about their day as normal. I think for me my mom was more excited then I was. I’m pretty sure I had a nice size ring around my butt from sitting on the toilet so long because when my “friend” came to visit… Mom had me sit on the toilet as she told me about the…birds….and the bees, for hours.

#2 Hello Boobies! Remember the scene from Now & Then when Teeny fills her water balloons with pudding to have some boobs?  Yup, no need for the Kleenex, water balloons, fake fruit, real fruit, socks, baseballs, softballs, or anything else round. You’ve got a pair of your own and now are forced to strap them in while in public for the rest of your life! Yippee!!! Boobs. #2.

#3  Hairy legs no more! For awhile as a youngster every little girl has to bear a little hair on her legs until she’s given the golden opportunity to shave it all off! As a kiddo I used to pretend to shave. I had a comb and shaving cream and would go about my business in the bathtub fake shaving along. As a grown woman, we are bound by the razor. Too sharp get ready to bleed. To dull get ready for some razor burn. Watch for the knees and don’t get too close to the ankles. Ever try shaving in a stand up shower? Yeah-nice try commercials — it doesn’t work that easily or elegantly.

#4 Kiss. The first one – -(Not the chicken peck behind the curly slide in elementary school.) From my gal pals and mine experiences; it’s never the best one. No fireworks, promise. It’s awkward, there’s spit, and silky tongue action involved. Some people go to fast while others go too slow. Some people think making it out is just tiny peck kisses all together. Others jack hammer their tongue in your mouth so fast you want to stop and punch them in the face. No one knows how to do it the first time around, but it’s still obviously a sign that you’re turning in to a lady when you catch the first one!

#5 Older boys hit on you… and it may be in the creepy way – or a not so creepy way (is there such a thing if their 15 years older and you’re 14? The answer is yes). Some guys can’t gauge age- at all. I was in the 7th grade and my friend had a birthday party. This tall guy, a little shadow of facial hair (not because he shaved but because he couldn’t grow much facial hair) asked me to slow dance to “My Heart Will Go On”. He was older, much older, high school at the time (not exactly 15 years older, but still…) While we were arms length apart and his hands barely rested on my hips, he asked what grade I was in… to his surprise I will still taking math with Mr. What’s-his-name in middle school. This was an automatic “oh… oops” moment. And I proceeded to get a little creeped out that he could drive a car and I barely had my period.

Continue reading the Top 5 Moments You became a man… here!

XO – Kyla

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2 Comments on “Top 5 Moments You Realized… I’m a Woman!”

  1. July 25, 2012 at 11:16 am #

    I felt like I was a woman once I had a pair of red high heels and a black wool coat. Also, when I was walking around London on my own.

  2. sheargeniousfashioneasta
    July 25, 2012 at 3:07 pm #

    Clueless to the period… yep, tried going swimming with a tampon. I didn’t know where to put it..layed it nicely inside my suit..shortly realized just how huge those things can swell up and float! Then tried putting a pad inside my suit thinking they were water-proof…nope it too tripled in size and looked like I had taken a dump in my bikini bottom. Yep, blonde, clueless, and nieve. I learned quickly and later made sure MY DAUGHTER would never have to be hummiliated by a lack of informative information in all area’s of woman-hood. First time kissed..had NO IDEA why that guy found it necessary to roll that tongue around in my throat and slobber until it ran down my chin! I will just say..”SICK”!

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