Ask XY – Online Dating

Online Dating, are you In or Out?

Mr. U – I did a little bit when I moved across the country and knew nobody in my area code.  It’s like searching for a job online.  I never got the interviews I was really hoping for. I don’t really look good on paper, so making an impression is better in person for me.  I don’t knock anyone who can make online dating work for them.  I just didn’t like it.

Mr. V – Haven’t tried it, but know a ton of people who say it works.

Mr. W – I’m not against the concept of online dating.  Would I ever do it?  I guess so.  What’s the difference between that and meeting someone at a party, becoming facebook friends with them, then combing through all their personal info that way?  (That shouldn’t be that strange of a concept, you know you’ve done it)  I guess calling it E-Harmony some how makes it less creepy.

Mr. X – I would never “date” online. I have to interact with someone face-to-face. Which brings me to

Mr. Y – I’ve done and OkCupid, found a serious girlfriend on both. People act as if there is a stigma but we put so much of our lives on Facebook now anyway it shouldn’t really matter.

Mr. Z – Online dating. Love the concept and idea. The “star crossed lovers making eyes across the bar” is a dead scene. It doesn’t really exist anymore. Sure it can still happen, but people dont want to waste time and money on dating people that will ultimately not work out. Why not just go online, be honest, and find someone who will accept you and your faults right away?

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