Lady Confessions: Spit or Swallow

You’ve got to at least try it once. But if it makes you uncomfortable, spit it out or hand it to the finish line. Some guys prefer a swallow, while other’s just don’t care. I prefer nothing on my face, please keep the jizz away! If it’s going in the mouth, I’ll let it happen. Just take it quick ladies. You know you can pull a shot, just look at it like Fear Factor and keep things moving.


In college every time my boyfriend and I were going to fool around, I had a cup next to my nightstand. . It was an easy access spit and enjoy. I’m not one for germs, so he should just be happy I let it happen in my mouth.


I swallow…every time. It’s not the best part of the experience by any means, but I just have to take it down like a shot.


I avoid both if possible. I don’t like the taste! It’s got a salty tang sort of thing going on and it kinda reminds me of vinegar. It’s hard to avoid getting ANY in your mouth, but I normally just finish with a hand job. If the guy gets to ejaculate, I think it’s up to the lady to decide where it gets to go. 

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One Comment on “Lady Confessions: Spit or Swallow”

  1. Anonymous
    July 4, 2012 at 11:21 am #

    Hahaha…love the topic ladies….Im a definate swallower..err…anyway…Im not syin I love it like the porn queens “pretend” to…but I dont mind it as long as my hubby is lovin every minute of it!~

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