Ask Mr. XY – Unattractive Women

The 3 most unattractive things women do.

Mr. U –
#1 – Not laugh at my jokes or just seem uninterested in everything.

#2 – Rudeness to anyone.
#3 – Smell bad.
#4 – Swear. (even though I have to work on this myself)

Mr. V – 
Three?  You gals are asking for a lot of thinking…  I can tell you the biggest thing that turns me off is insecurity.  If a girl is constantly asking for compliments, I am less likely to want to give them.

Mr. W
1. Burp

2. Say “like” too much

3. Be a loud drunk (you know exactly what type I mean.  We get it, you think you’re HILARIOUS, now stop dancing on the table)

Mr. X –
1) talking in a baby/child voice, 2) wearing waaaaaaaaaaaaaay too much makeup and combining it with waaaaaaaaaay too little clothing and 3) pretending like they’re not human, i.e. not farting, burping, etc.

Mr. Y –
 Acting childish, this includes talking in a baby voice and pouting. Talking about how mean another woman at work is, look if somebody is being a bitch then Game of Thrones them and get them fired. Also don’t talk to me about your problems if you don’t want solutions. And the Notebook, I’ve had 3 different girlfriends make me watch the Notebook with them, it’s not a good movie and by the end I wished I had Alzheimers.

Mr. Z – 
Smoking, having a huge bush, heavy drug use.

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2 Comments on “Ask Mr. XY – Unattractive Women”

  1. Anonymous
    July 2, 2012 at 12:51 pm #

    Five bucks says the guy that refers to pubic hair as a “bush” is single.

  2. September 6, 2012 at 6:18 am #

    (1) Looking sour all the time. Who needs the aggravation? The converse: a smile makes you more desirable than a super-model with a frown.
    (2) Smoking. It will make you look old by the age of 30. Don’t smoke and you should still be looking good in your 50s.

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