Our June Event Post-Game Wrap-up

This past Saturday, we had our OAM event for the month of June!! We Up-cycled the night away! Food, drinks, & crafts!

We kicked off the night with some delicious cocktails. Ali had the Limoncello, Bryce had the vodka, so naturally we made Lemon-lime drops!

Then it was time to whip up a little dinner. We had a strange variety of food to concoct a recipe out of. The idea: A Pitch In Style with uncooked ingredients instead of cooked dishes! We each brought random things from our kitchens and made it into a sort of science experiment!
Ali supplied: Pie crust & sliced cheese
Bryce supplied: Instant mashed potatoes, green beans, milk, and smoked sausage
Kyla supplied: Cream style corn, corn bread mix, and bacon

Can you guess what we threw together from this motley crew? How about a new take on a classic English recipe: Southern Style Shepherd’s Pie & Cornbread muffins. Check out our recipe to learn how to make it yourself!

Now onto the crafts!

Ali wanted to make a wreath using the collection of wine corks she had saved up.

Bryce also had a substantial amount of wine corks collected for her own project – a bar tray. She also found two kitchen chairs to give a little facelift to for her patio.

Kyla wanted to repurpose  her birth control pill packets into business card holders for the 4 of us ladies as well as a project with an empty wine bottle! 

Check out our full-length posts for all of our different projects throughout the week!

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4 Comments on “Our June Event Post-Game Wrap-up”

  1. sheargeniousfashioneasta
    June 27, 2012 at 1:00 pm #

    These are all cool projects! And who knew…turning a birth control packet into something so reusable! Genius…Fantastic job girls on everything! I’m excited to try the shepards pie too! yummy yummifidal! smiles…


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