Ask XY – Lady Masturbation

Female Masturbation. There’s a stigma that it’s okay for you to do it but is looked down if a woman wants to get down and dirty with herself. What are your thoughts and do you think it’s sexy when a lady touches herself?

Mr. U – WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT!?  There is NO stigma with female masturbation according to any guy I’ve ever talked to!  That’s a big section of porn, you know.  If there is a stigma, it’s among women or a small group of terrible men.

Mr. V – I don’t think there is a guy out there who looks down on a woman who feels the need to stimulate herself.  It’s generally a turn on.  It’s archaic to look down on that and I think people who do probably also don’t fully think it’s right for males.  Social stigma aside, there are studies out there than say it even has health benefits. Hot AND healthy.  Win Win!

Mr. W – Who said it was looked down on for women to masturbate?  Not sure if you’ve gone on the internet, but there’s an entire culture of porn dedicated to women getting down and dirty.  There’s nothing wrong with it regardless of gender, but I personally don’t find it arousing.  Masturbation is, in my eyes, something that’s done in the absents of another person.  The whole voyeurism thing has never really been for me.

Mr. X – Ladies, know this: it’s more than okay to touch yourself. I encourage you to touch yourself. Life is short, touching oneself feels great (unless you have a medically/psychological issue) and you should do it as much as possible without it becoming an addiction. Hell, I might be touching myself right now. You might be, too. And it’s allllllllll good.

Mr. Y – There was that stigma about male masturbation when I was in middle school and high school then I heard a saying “there are 2 types of men, those who masturbate and those who don’t admit to masturbating”. It is sexy when a woman I think is sexy masturbates.

Mr. Z – PLEASE MASTURBATE MORE! AND LET US WATCH. Where does this stigma come from? “Please women, dont touch yourself…thats gross” said absolutely no man ever.

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