Ask XY: Rating System

Do you have a 1-10 rating system for women? If so, how does it work? When do you use it?

Mr. U – Yes, every guy does, whether they admit it or not.  Thing is, mine combines all factors, whereas most of my friends don’t.  I’ve been around a group of guys who seem completely content with a physical system.  I don’t understand that, because if a woman is as dull as a door knob, how could she be a 9?  It’s all about how you value someone you’re interested in.

Mr. V – Yes, I do have a rating system.  I feel like almost all guys do.  It’s personal ratings though.  Since everyone’s idea of beauty is different, one man’s 8 might be another’s 10.   It is something I generally use in the company of other guys.  It’s not necessarily something I am always proud of, but it just sort of happens in today’s society, and when you are talking with your friends it just sort of happens.  

Mr. W – There are 2 rating systems I use, the Standard and the Binary.  These are strictly based on looks and do not evaluate the woman as a whole.
Here’s my Standard, it may seem harsher than most, but I’m not the kind of guy who is searching for 10s.

 10 – Bragging rights.  This could be anyone from a real celebrity to a no-name underwear model.  The only thing that counts as a ten is if you can brag about it.
9 – Same chick, no bragging rights.
8 – Looks good ALL THE TIME.  Rolls out of bed, no makeup, still cute.
7 – Dresses up well.  7’s can look amazing, but only with some effort.
6 – Flawed to the point that she can never fully hide it.  
5 – Plain jane.  Still can be cute-ish, but there’s nothing particularly attractive about her.
4 – An “angles” girl.  you know the girl on facebook who has picked out the perfect picture of herself from some weird angle self-shot with an instagram-style filter that makes her look way better than she does in person? Yeah you do. She’s probably a four.
3 – Hard slump buster.  Sometimes, when you’re striking out at the plate, you gotta bunt one down the 3rd base line or lean into a pitch just to get on base. That’s what it takes to get back in the game. 3 is as low as a man goes.
2,1 – ugh.
 I make no apologies.
The second system, Binary is like binary code in computing language. The rating system only has ones and zeros.
1 – I’d hit it.
0 – I would not hit it.

Mr. X – My rating system is simple: 1A and 1B are my wife and Anne Hathaway. I might jokingly refer to a rating system, but I don’t have a serious one that I actually use. It’s conceptually and mathematically stupid. At some point, you’re going to start using decimals. Once you’ve reached that point, you need to take a step back, re-evaluate your life and find a hobby.

Mr. Y – Short answer “no”. Long answer “yes”. Mostly the 1-10 rating system is used when talking about a woman with other men. Which doesn’t really make a lot of sense because every man’s tastes are different. But basically it breaks down so you don’t have to go into a lot of time describing a woman’s many characteristics. For example; I work with a girl named Julie, she’s cute, has a nice body (asian) and is really into Harry Potter (which is a huge plus for me) but also wears a cross (which being an atheist, is a negative for me) but also I work with her and we can’t trust what we see at work. Instead of giving that huge spiel to my male friends I would simply apply her a number. Start her off at a 6 because she’s cute, +2 for her body, +1 for asian, +1 for nerdy, -2 for christian and proud = 8 with the qualifier that I work with her. She would be a “Work 8”.

Mr. Z – No. But there are standard systems. 10 is the hottest, 1 is the grossest. I tend to use a 1 or 0 scale. If a girl is a one, I would have sex with her. If she is a 0. I wont.

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