DIY – Crayon Art

It’s incredibly hard finding artwork now a days for a reasonable price AND the colors that you love to decorate with! We were was looking for something that wasn’t too time-consuming and was also well under $20.00. We discovered this easy-to-do Crayon Art!


What you need!

Crayons (We purchased Crayola 96 count, more colors, including the metallic ones, which melt great!)

20 X 20 Inch Canvas

Glue gun & Glue sticks

Hair Dryer

1. First off, start to get your colors and your design figured out. It’s best to put like-colors next to one another… following the rainbow and color wheel for better color mixtures. Purple & Orange melted next to one another could lend for a not so pretty design.

2. Once your design is figured out you now have 2 options. 1. glue your crayons on to your canvas keep the white or 2. lightly color the background of your canvas before gluing.

3. Proceed with gluing the crayons on. One small dot on the top and the bottom of the crayon paper should do. Make sure there is enough, because when heating the crayons it could begin to melt causing the crayon to pop off easily. Also pay attention to which part of the paper you want shown. We chose to have the name of the color pointing out words (Macaroni and Cheese, Dandelion, etc.) rather than “Crayola.

4. We are almost done! Now’s the fun part. Make sure you’ve got ample amounts of plastic bags/newspaper to lay around and behind the area you will be working. The floor worked best for us. Using a hair dryer on high heat, begin to melt the wax of the crayon. Once you see a drip begin to form immediately lower your heat and distance it from the crayons, this will give you more control over the drippings of the wax.

Work your way through tilting and angling the hair dryer until the crayon melts to your liking.

5. Your DONE! Make sure your crayon pieces harden again before hanging or moving around too much. Congrats on your new artwork! Easy as that!

XO – Kyla & Bryce

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One Comment on “DIY – Crayon Art”

  1. sheargreniousfashioneasta
    June 10, 2012 at 6:01 pm #

    I love this! I am excited to create a work of art too! Thank you for sharing.

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