My Advice to Girls at Sporting Events

I’ve always been a sports fan and have been going to pro football and baseball games since I was a kid.  Now living in Los Angeles I won’t be seeing ‘my teams’ play many games in person, but this week the Brewers were in town so I went with a couple friends to Dodger’s Stadium for my first baseball game of the season.  While we saw a pretty good game and our team won, a large group of mostly women sitting in front of us threatened to ruin my night.  A lot of their actions I found to be rude as a sports spectator, so I thought i’d share my personal advice on keeping the game enjoyable for everyone:

Don’t Get up in the Middle of the Play

Unless you’re sitting on the aisle right next to the concourse, getting up to snap a picture, go to the bathroom, buy a beer or snack at the concession stand or whatever is probably going to hinder someone’s view of the field.   Most games have some sort of break in the action – between innings, quarters, or periods; a pitching change, time out, or turnover – so use these opportunities to sneak out with the least disruption to others.  And be polite! Say ‘excuse me’ when you have to crawl over the other fans in your row to get out.  

This Isn’t A Photo Shoot

Try not to take a bagillion photos of you and your friends. Get a group shot during a break in play, totally cool, but keep the various “now one with the two of YOU” reined in for the rest of the game. Unless you’re using the eyepiece on your camera, your arm is liking sticking out somewhere and blocking the view of another spectator. Of course you want to capture a few memories to commemorate the outing, but stay seated when doing so and remember that you came to watch the game. 

Keep it Classy, Even in Your Cups

I’m from Wisconsin so I’m not gonna judge if you’re tossing ’em back at the old ball game, and I’ve certainly been part of groups where someone has bootlegged in a little something something.  However, if you’re bringing a full on mini bar in your purse and more or less doing shots in the 9th inning, I’m judging you, maybe take it to a bar after the game. Also, know your limit and have a designated driver who will be responsible for getting everyone home safely.  My parents once found a very inebriated girl crying under a tree after a football game because her phone was dead and she had gotten separated from her friends, luckily my parents are good Samaritans who figured out where her hotel was and gave her a ride.

Pee as Fast as Possible! 

We plan to go into more detail on the bathroom issue in a future post, but the facts are these: there are not enough stalls and women tend to take a while to do their business so lines at the ladies room can get long.  Be considerate of your fellow female fans and get in and out quickly so you don’t miss the game!  And if you are at an outdoor football game in a northern state in the dead of winter: once you are inside waiting for a stall get your outer layers (jacket, snowpants, whatever) off/unzipped/unbuckled so you are ready to go once you are in the stall.  Waiting for the bathroom sucks even more when the line is out the door and it is 20 degrees below zero, I won’t judge you for stripping down to long johns if it means the line moves faster – we’re all ladies here.

With tickets to some MLB games cheaper than a movie ticket and plenty of minor leagues out there with cheap seats and buck beer nights, a girls night out cheering on your team can be fun and affordable, just practice good sports[wo]manship and don’t let your awesome night ruin someone elses.

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