Superhero Birthday Cake!

I’m a fan of baking. If I had to choose one career that maybe I could do for fun and people would pay me based on my creativity, this might be it.

But I like keeping it simple, even if it doesn’t look that way!

For my boyfriend’s birthday, I made this! A Superhero Birthday Cake! And you can do it too! If you’re having a superhero themed party or girls night… here it is ladies!

Superhero Birthday Cake

I used 1 8″ cake pan, and 1 6″ cake pan. I baked, then stuck both pans in the freezer to harden the cake. This makes it easier to apply the outer icing!

While the freezing process was happening I rolled out a few colors of fondant.

I used a circle cookie cutter, and a butter knife to design the shapes for the hero shields. I didn’t have white or black fondant, so I used my icing, in order to fill in those holes. I refrigerated the shields for about 15 minutes to harden the applied icing on the top.

Once my cake was frozen – the top didn’t peel off while touching it – I took the cake out and immediately applied my chocolate frosting. First apply to the bigger circle, your 8″, then set your 6″ on top! Apply your icing to the top circle piece. I also added a little black swirly diddy around the edges.

I used my left over fondant for the top design, a personal logo for the birthday boy! MH – his initials. Make sure that when adding fondant you use your icing as your glue! I applied icing to the back of my hero shields and placed them on the front of the cake! Wala!  

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