In Memory Of…

This week, we’ve done a lot of posts about cancer as a lead-up to an important event this weekend. Cancer is a disease that’s so prolific that I don’t believe I know anyone who hasn’t been touched by it in one way or another. The four of us each had someone in mind when we decided to support Relay For Life. For me, it was my family friend Connie.

Our good friend Connie in her kitchen.

I had known people who had been diagnosed with cancer before (my aunt, my good friend’s mother) but they had each beaten the bastard and are still with us today. So perhaps I wasn’t really prepared for the news of Connie’s diagnosis. 

I met Connie’s son, Ben, in 7th grade. We had several classes and extracurriculars together and we became good friends (and we’ve remained close friends to this day!). But it wasn’t until we were about to graduate from high school, that our parents starting hanging out too! They got along famously; going out to dinner together, bumming around town, and even taking international trips! Connie became one of my mother’s closest and most trusted friends.

So when she stopped by one sunny day, it was like any other day that a member of their family would drop in on us. We sat around the dining room table talking about nothing in particular, when Connie in her usual blunt way, laid it out for us. “I have cancer. I could tell by the looks on my doctors faces when they figured it out, that it’s bad.” Connie had an aggressive form of cancer in her abdomen and was given a mere 3-5 years to live.

I adored Connie. She was smart, savvy, interesting, funny, kind, and a good wife & mother. She was the type of person I aspire to be like, so to see her at the mercy of this disease hit me hard. She didn’t deserve this! She and the members of her family are some of my favorite people in the world! She had a dark sense of humor about the whole thing and would talk frankly about how she felt or openly about difficult topics like who would get what stuff after she died. I appreciated her candor, but it was hard knowing that the clock was simply running out on this lovely person.

Connie didn’t make it to the 3-5 year mark. She died at home with her husband, two sons, and my mother.

We miss you, Connie. I walk for you every year at Relay. And don’t worry, I’m doing my best to look out for Ben. 


Click here to donate to the American Cancer Society’s
Relay For Life in North Hollywood

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