The Latest in Fashion’s Fight for a Healthier Image: Vogue’s Ban on Too Thin or Too Young

While I’m not a big tweeter, I love perusing the site to see what my favorite celebs are talking about and getting the latest headlines.  I try to keep up with what’s going on in the world by following BBC News and CNN Breaking News, and also get my entertainment gossip from The Hollywood Reporter and Slash Film.  This tweet about an article on The Hollywood Reporter caught my eye while I was scrolling through my homepage last week:

THR tweets their headline about Vogue’s new policy.

The full article outlines the efforts by Vogue in the movement towards a healthier image for fashion models.  The ban means that any models featured in the pages of any of the major fashion magazine’s 19 publications – be it runway coverage, ad campaign or photo shoot – will be no younger than 16 and not be of a weight that would suggest an eating disorder.  It’s the latest step by the fashion industry towards a “Healthy is Beautiful” message and discouraging eating disorders among models themselves and young readers of their magazines.

We at OAM are obviously big supporters of healthy looking women with realistic body types in the media and plenty of such role models are found in film, television and music, but the fashion industry has always had the stigma of purporting “thin is in”.  [I can personally recall discussions of eating disorders and body image in Girl Scouts when I was younger and women’s studies classes when I was older both using pictures of ultra thin fashion models as examples of thin women in media.]  It’s exciting to hear that the industry, whose models set an example for many young men and women, are doing so much to make those examples healthier.

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