Mr. XY: Sexy Clothing?

What clothing attire combination equals sexy?

Mr. V: I happen to think that almost any clothing combination can be sexy, if done well, but nothing beats clothes that fit well. The right pair of jeans coupled with a tank top can be just as sexy as a tailored suit or form-fitting dress. Anything that’s clearly four sizes too big or small for your body type is never going to be flattering.

Mr. W: I am way more simple. I think a girl is sexy in almost anything. A good pair of jeans and a tee shirt can be just as sexy as any sort of underwear to me. That being said, it is always nice to mix things up.

Mr. X: Once the weather warms up, a flowing sun dress definitely does the trick.

Mr. Y: It can be anything from a nice dress to a t-shirt, really, it depends on the girl.  I’ve never been the type to dismiss anyone for clothing.  If you ignore a girl simply because she wears the wrong pair of pants, it might be time to lower your standards a bit.  Or does your super-model girlfriend that likes all the nerdy stuff you do always choose the right thing to wear?

Mr. Z: A form-fitting white tank top and some good ol’ Daisy Dukes are a classic way of seduction through clothing.

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