The Marvel-ous Avengers!

Superheros, Sexy Sexy Sexy. 

And now, Marvel has come up with a Marvel-ous idea, to bring all the sexy together for us! They knew specifically, that you would be reading what I wrote and therefore KNEW that this was a GREAT idea! And it is… and this is why…

IRON MAN – Tony Stark Jr. (Played by Robert Downey Jr.)

He brought the sexy in Ironman and Ironman 2, but let’s face it. Robert Downey Jr, as Tony Stark is brilliant. Not only does he provide us with his cocky yet undesirable attitude… he’s got the looks! Tony is downright a good looking guy and pair it with a good looking machine, whooo haaa, delicious.

CAPTAIN AMERICA – Steve Rogers (Played by Chris Evans)

How Hunky is Captain America?! He steps out of that machine… and lordy lordy… ow ow!  Chris Evans, obviously fits the profile for a super hero, Fantastic Four anyone? I’m not sure how he got his body to look like that, or if it’s even humanly possible, and it’s completely acceptable in my book!

THE HULK – Bruce Banner (Played by Mark Ruffalo)

The man behind the scenes until he turns green! We’ve had “Many a Hulk,” Edward Norton, Eric Bana… now Mark Ruffalo? Not exactly what I expected. When I think about Mark Ruffalo, I do not think big giant green man with a super temper. Maybe it’s because of 13 Going on 30? This does not mean, however that I don’t think he’ll be a not-so-sexy Hulk. It’s hard not to have a little bit of your heart for The Hulk, he’s cute when he’s all giant and angry.

THOR – The God of Thunder (Played by Chris Hemsworth)

Mister Charmer… Nothing sweeter than a long haired blond who’s willing to fight for Earth. Fabio at all? Maybe a little. Thor is hands down, the guy you’d be perfectly happy bringing home to Mom & Dad… plus he’s got a sweet little accent.

NICK FURY – Director of S.H.I.E.L.D (Played by Samuel L. Jackson)

Samuel L. Jackson… bad ass. Nick Fury… bad ass. We’ve had a taste of Sam J in this roll in Ironman, Ironman2, Thor, and Captain America,  but like I said, only a taste. Sexy wouldn’t be my word for Mr. J, although, we can say, “he pisses excellence.”

HAWKEYE – Clint Barton (Played by Jeremy Renner)

Yes Please! Jeremy is adorable, he’s played the gangster guy in The Town, the deep one in The Hurt Locker and here, he’s on our team! Congrats on your face Jeremy, it’s appreciated! (Especially by one of my co-workers)

LOKI – (Played by Tom Hiddleston)

Oh Tom, you got the short end of the stick. Bummer. They mocked you up as Which is the point being the bad guy. Don’t worry in real life, you’re huggable, and have the looks of a super sweet guy.

BLACK WIDOW – Natasha Romanoff (Played by Scarlett Johansson)

Alright, we can’t leave out the lady! Sexy is a good word for Scarlett in general. She’s a good lookin’ gal, and as the Black Widow, it’s an easy grade A. Rock on sister, team OAM is on your side!

all character photos were brought to you by Marvel-Avengers Movie

XO – Kyla

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3 Comments on “The Marvel-ous Avengers!”

  1. April 19, 2012 at 3:38 pm #

    Greatest post of my life!

  2. Joy Morris
    April 19, 2012 at 7:50 pm #

    Super post! I love it….and Thor….You are my Super Hero! You put the “Super” in Hero.


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