Bryce – GALedictorian

Quote: “This above all: to thine own self be true.” –Billy Shakespeare “Hamlet”
Quirk: Hearing other people chew ice makes my teeth hurt.
Favorite TV Show: The West Wing (Aaron Sorkin is a rock star!)
Guilty pleasure: The Twilight Saga

I’m the married geek of the group. I love movies, puzzles, and traveling. I graduated from the honors program in college, so I like me some book learnin’ too. My husband and I are what you might call “cat people.” Meaning, I have two adopted cats (which I love like my own children) and the occasional “kittens behaving badly” calendar.

My wide variety of interests, from history, psychology and sociology to cooking, gardening and do-it-yourself projects has given me a desire to learn to do too many things. And I worry that I will never become good at any of them. Growing up, I wanted to be a doctor for as long as I can remember, but right before graduating high school, I decided to major in Radio-TV-Film instead and my life took an entirely new path.

I grew up with two older sisters and plenty of female friends, so it was a change for me when I went to the world of higher education and entered a predominantly male major. All the ladies that I did hang out with were just as busy and sleep deprived as I was, so we were not very good at setting aside some proper “girl time.”  Now that there are several of my college friends living in the LA area and working in a predominantly male field, it would seem not much has changed. Marriage also does little to encourage frequent “girls nights out” so I was in need of this outlet to get feminine feedback and advice, especially being so far from home.

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